Searching for Harrison

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Searching for Harrison

Postby mrman » Wed May 19, 2010 12:41 am

Hello, new here after finding the website. I am looking for information on a relative.
The name is Andrew George Harrison, family history goes that he got court martialled in the trenches. He was (i beleive) a sergent with a number of men under his command, after spending some days in a frontline sap ? (infront of main line of defense-not sure of exact term )conditions or ability of injured men to defend became so bad that he decided to take his men back to the main trench. Here he was questioned by an officer who accused him (i believe) of not following orders, he refused to take his men out to die and was then tied to a cartwheel and court-martialled then demoted to private. A few weeks later he was gassed and returned home. Apparently he had the dubious honour of being the first man from Stourport to get injured. Just wondering if the museum would have any record of the court martial in a diary or similar ?

Thanks in advance
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