Alfred T Howells

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Alfred T Howells

Postby grandsonchris » Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:08 pm

In looking into the war hsitory of both my gradfathers and one greatgrandfather lots of anomolies are appearing. I have found a photo of Alfred T Howells my maternal grandfather entitled Gallent Charge One of the 2nd Wor: Boys at Ganvault. I assume this should be Gheluvelt. Prior information suggested he served with the Monmouthshire Reg 49619 and Lancashire Fus 68812 and the legend says he was badly gassed. Can anyone direct me as to how I can get a better fix on grandfather Alfs history? Thanks
Alfred T Howells
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Postby peter » Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:30 pm

Hi Chris,

I have Private 8140 Alfred Howells on my database for 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment men. If your Grandfather was at Gheluvelt then this is your man. Also a report in the Birmingham Daily Post Tuesday January 5th 1915 page 3 to be missing, reported from base under date November 26th 1914 (no further details). I believe his army service papers must have been destroyed in the bombing raid in 1940 but his Medal Index Card gives the information that he went to France 12th August 1914 and he was entitled to the 1914 Star, British War and Victory Medals. (name Alfred Howells no T.).

A Medal Index Card for Alfred T. Howells served with Monmouthshire Regiment (49619) and Lancashire Fusiliers (68812). No date for entry into theatre of war and entitled to British War and Victory Medals. He was also on Silver War Badge list (wounded).

When a soldier served with more than one Regiment they would be recorded all on the one MIC so the above Alfred T. Howells could be another soldier altogether.

Sorry this is not a lot of new information for you and without his service papers I don't think you will be able find any further details to confirm what you already have.

Would be interested to see the photograph you have, this may give a clue to his Regiment.


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Re: Alfred T Howells

Postby arboskittler » Thu Jul 14, 2011 7:26 pm

Hi there.

The Alfred T (Thomas) Howells you've mentioned, was indeed with the 2nd Monmouth & The Lancs under the service numbers you've quoted. In fact, he re-enlisted after the war with the Lancs and was posted to Germany.

However Alfred originally enlisted aged 17, on 17 March 1917 (obviously too late for Gheluvelt) at Hereford. His address was noted as The Brook, Eardisley, Hereford and his occupation was a gardener (under).

Hope this helps a bit.


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Re: Alfred T Howells

Postby grandsonchris » Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:38 am

Hi I have now confirmed the my grandfather Alfred was in the Worcs. joining in 1914. The one in the Mons and Lancs is a diffrent man. The problem is I can not get any more information. I know he was gassed but where and when I do not know, I also have no idea if he went back to the front. He also went on to live and work in Rhyl North Wales, I was wondering if there were any rehab centers in this area.
Alfred T Howells
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