9431 Lance Corporal Charles Henry BERRY, 2nd Worc in India

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9431 Lance Corporal Charles Henry BERRY, 2nd Worc in India

Postby jasper1 » Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:26 pm

I'm trying to learn about the military career of Lance Corporal Charles Henry Berry. He enlisted into the 2nd Battalion Worcesters at Gravesend, Kent, in 1905, and spent the majority of the next 8 years in India, returning in 1913. On 12 August 1914, still with the 2nd Bn., he arrived in France and served on the Western Front until Januray 1915, when he was transferred to Gallipoli with the 4th Bn Worcesters, arriving there in April 1915. On 4 June he was wounded in the 3rd b. of Krithia and was sent back to England to recover. He spent over a year in England, recuperating at Gravlingwell War Hospital and then joining the 6th Worcesters at Plymouth, training as a machine gunner. He also got married during this period, before being posted to France again, this time with the 3rd Bn., in July 1916. Sadly, he only lasted a month and was killed in an attack on the Hindenburg trench on 24 Aug 1916.

If anyone has any information relating to Lance Corporal Berry's career I'd be very grateful to hear it. I'm finding it hard to learn anything about his long stint in India with the 2nd Bn. before the war. Does anyone know where I can find out more about the worcesters in India? I'd be very grateful for any information or pointers.

Thanks, Jasper

who served in the 2nd Bn Worc. on the Western Front from Aug 1914 - Jan 1915 and was then was posted to Gallipoli with the 4th Bn Worc in April 1915. He was wounded in the 3rd b. of Krithia in in June and was sent back to England to recover, thus missing the most bloody day for the 4th Worcesters. He returned to France in July 1916, this time with the 3rd Worc., but only lasted a month - doubly sad as he had only just married. I've been looking for diaries and letters written by men who fought alongside him to learn what life must have like for him in the war. I've listed a few docs below held in the IWM that might have some relevance to what you're looking for. Jasper
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Re: 9431 Lance Corporal Charles Henry BERRY, 2nd Worc in Ind

Postby allanp » Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:16 pm

Hi Jasper

I found the following references in the Worcester Herald & Bromsgrove Messenger for Charles.

20 February 1915 edition
Joined 5th Battalion
9431 Pte Berry

6th March 1915 edition
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Great Portland St 15 Jan 1915
9431 Pte C. Berry 2nd Battalion

10th July 1915 edition
Previously reported killed, now reported wounded -
9431 Pte C. Berry 4th Batt

17th July 1915 edition
Graylingwell War Hospital Chichester 1 July 1915
9431 Pte C. Berry Left arm Slight

30th September 1916 edition
9431 Lanc Cpl C. H. Berry – Kent

If you look at the first 2 entries, it shows that Charles was wounded and returned to England and then transfered to the 4th Battalion.

Hope that this helps.

Regards Allan
12631 Lance Sergt George William Hill. KIA Vimy Ridge, 28 April 1916 3rd Battalion
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Re: 9431 Lance Corporal Charles Henry BERRY, 2nd Worc in Ind

Postby corona » Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:46 am

Hi Jasper,
I expect you have seen a copy of his service papers which appear on Ancestry.
Did you know that his Militia paper for 7611 Pt.Charles Henry Berry 3/Buffs can be found on Find my Past?
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Re: 9431 Lance Corporal Charles Henry BERRY, 2nd Worc in Ind

Postby peter » Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:57 pm

Hi Jasper,

You could get in touch with the Regimental Archives and for a small fee (£15 I think) they may well be able to to give you the information regarding the service of L/Cpl. 9431 C.H. Berry in India (or at least the Battalions records/diary for this time).

Contact details:


I have Charles on my database but I have no more information on him than you already have.


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