Raid from 2nd Worcester from Zillebeke Lake to Manor Farm

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Raid from 2nd Worcester from Zillebeke Lake to Manor Farm

Postby coemar » Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:51 pm


We live at Manor Farm in Zillebeke whereon the 2nd Worcester did a raid (leaving from Zillebeke Lake nearby Manor Farm) the night 19/20 June 1918.There participated also some members of 154 Siege Battery as they had been stationed some months before at Manor Farm. So they knew all positions of trenches and dugouts.
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We ask ourselves it still more background or preparations about this raid would be to find in the diarees of documents of 2nd Worcester. Could somebody help me with this. Thanks for any help.

Hereunder some text I already found back about the raid:
On the night of June 15th/16th 1918 the 2nd Worcestershire relieved the 1st Queen's in the front line south-east of Ypres along the shores of Zillebeke Lake. For some days the Battalion remained quiet, while the platoons worked busily on improving the defences; then arrangements were made for a raid to discover the identity of the enemy in front, who held the ruins of "Manor Farm" as a defended post. Plans were laid, and in the night of June 19th/20th the attack was delivered.

The raiders, five officers (2/Lieut. H. E. Boswell (commanding), 2/Lts. H. G. Hill, F. D. Barnard and C.E. Lively, also 2/Lt. Greene of the R.G.A.) and 138 N.C.O's. and men, moved out from the front trenches fifteen minutes after midnight. Creeping along the bank of the lake they reached a German outpost in front of the Farm. That outpost was rushed with the bayonet and the defenders were killed or captured. The raiders pushed on to "Manor Farm," attacked it with bomb and bayonet and dropped a large explosive charge down a dugout nearby. Then they came back, bringing five prisoners of the 457th Regiment (2/Lieut. Boswell was awarded the M.C.), and regained our lines with no heavier casualties than two men wounded.

That same night the Battalion was relieved and went back into reserve, first in trenches behind the line and then in Divisional Reserve at Brandhoek. On the last day of June the Battalion moved forward again and relieved the 5th Scottish Rifles in the trenches south of the canal previously held.

Kind regards,
Marc, Ypres, Zillebeke Lake, Manor Farm, Belgium.
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