1938 to 1945 RSM jock Reilly help please

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1938 to 1945 RSM jock Reilly help please

Postby yurdad » Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:18 pm

Now, this is a 63 year old bloke trying to post summat... so be patient with me.

I am trying to find out about my Dad who Joined the Worcester Regiment in 1938 after serving with the Seaforth Highlanders.

All I remember is being taken, in the 50's, from Birmingham to Worcester for a tour of pub doorsteps, no kids room then, and after, going to Norton Barracks for our tea.

My Dad was RSM 'Jock' Reilly number 2817283 he joined the Worcesters in 1938 after serving with the Seaforth Highlanders

I know he spent a year in Palestine 38 to 39 as I remember him, when he was a Chelsea Pensioner, telling a tourist that he had been in Haifa, Palestine and arguing that it was not Isreal... it was Palestine, because one of his lads had died there.

I know he went to the West African Rifles But not why.. Got a photo outside an African Hut!

I do not know which battalion he was in, although the history of the 1st looks similar, or why he was medically discharged in 1945.

I know He was a bit pissed off when I joined the Coldstream Guards in 1966 saying that I had let him down.... don't know whether it was the regiment or the fact that I wasn't a football fan!

My Dad passed away as a Chelsea Pensioner in 1993 without telling us anything and without me asking!

I now have family who are asking me about RSM Reilly. If anyone can help or point the right way I would be grateful

Mick Reilly
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