Pvt Robert 'Bob' Nourse, Dunkirk & France 1940

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Pvt Robert 'Bob' Nourse, Dunkirk & France 1940

Postby simon sage » Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:59 am

Does anyone remember my uncle, Robert Nourse ?

He passed away a couple of years ago and so I can't ask him.
He rarely spoke of his service with the Regiment, saying that it was too upsetting for him as he lost many good friends.

When he spoke, he mentioned Norton Barracks, that he was evacuated from Dunkirk, had taken part in the fierce fighting in France and also that he was in the desert. I think years ago he mentioned either Mesopotania or even Palestine. Not sure if he also mentioned North Africa. He never mentioned being posted to the Far East.

He did mention sleeping in the desert with his comrades and during the night a Sherman tank - he was quite sure it was a Sherman - passed amongst where they were bivouaced but remarkably hadn't run any of them over.

He used to attend the annual regimental dinners in Birmingham well upto the late 1990's.

If anyone can help in identifying which Batallion he was with or indeed remembers Bob, I would very much appreciate hearing from them, as I was very fond of my uncle and he was a very nice chap indeed.
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