three military died in France in 1944 ??? Help me please !

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three military died in France in 1944 ??? Help me please !

Postby damymont » Sun Jul 11, 2010 5:20 pm

Dear my friends,

I am Damien, I am French student, I am deep deaf !

Excuse me for my English words !

I am lost in the Internet, in Google, I don't know how to search the informations, where to find in the Web, to know the records of the military and know where they died or not !!!

where I search the informations on the three military were accommodating in the house of my great grandmother in August 1944, in Normandy.

Because my grand mother was injured her feet and the military help her. Her mother thanks them in exchange for their assistance and rest in the house !

According to my grandmother, The military were spent in the war in the East of France, She had a small souvenir gift of the three military.

She talk me that she think that three military were killed by the germans in October 1944 in the Ardennes but I have not find more informations.
Perhalps my grandmother did a mistake ???

the name of three military, but the name is in the bad writing. I was searching the names, two of three names that I can't to give an exact name phonetically

Because I want search more informations in the but to meet their families, to speak the stories of the military to their families in live !!

Thomas John NEWTON

Walter O' GIEV ? GIEN ? GIER ? GIE..


Thanks very much for help !!

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Postby Simon_Fielding » Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:17 pm

Hi Damien

Please email me at simonharveyfielding* (*=@) as I may be able to help you.

Researching the 75 men of the Great War Memorial of St Anne's Church, Bewdley, Worcestershire .
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