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William Arthur Brazier 5255099

PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 5:12 pm
by Brazier
Hi all,

Just joined the forum (thanks Louis) to try and find out as much information regarding my Grandad's military years. I have some information (as follows) from my Grandma, which seems relatively accurate, but like many veterans he didn't speak much about it during his life and we are all keen to learn what he did and where he went...

William Arthur Brazier - Private 5255099 (number might not be correct)
Enlisted when war broke out
Called up on 19th March 1940
Joined 11th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment
(I assume transferred to 1st Battalion)
1st 18 months at Norton Barracks, then moves to Holmefirth, Harrow and Heathfield by June 1944
Went over to Normandy and fought through Europe (have his campaign medals)
Demobbed 11th March 1946

One of the mysteries is that he always said he was on ship, out in the channel for his birthday (June 6th 1944) and landed in Normandy D-day plus 2 or 3. This doesn't fit with the movements of the regiment, who embarked much later... One clue I have is that he was, according to my Grandma, one of 6 soldiers who in some way gathered intelligence in the battalion and performed liaison duties - did they go ahead of the battalion perhaps? There is also a photo of him on a motorbike, which maybe relates to this...

We'd love to know more, and once we can place where he was, we can understand more about his experiences via the battalion history.

Any assistance gratefully received !

Best wishes,


Re: William Arthur Brazier 5255099

PostPosted: Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:08 pm
by scully
Hi Matt,

The fact that he landed in Normandy D-day plus 2 or 3 suggests he was one of a group of men who were transferred from the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment as re-enforcements to another unit early in June. These men landed in Normandy on the 8th June 1944 on Juno Beach with a unit of the Canadians. I do know of another man from the Worcesters who was also transferred and could give you more details. I will email you his contact details as they are private.


Louis (webmaster)