Godfrey Hugh Dunn 1126852 179 Field Regt.

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Godfrey Hugh Dunn 1126852 179 Field Regt.

Postby Braybrooke » Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:48 pm

Hi there,

My great uncle Godfrey Hugh Dunn 1126852 179 Field Regt. was killed in an ambush on 09 April 1945 aged 22 and after visiting his grave last year in Rheinberg War Cemetery I'm trying to track down any of his comrades who are still alive or those who have since died but would have known him and there are records still remaining.

Below is an excerpt from the 179th history that documents the ambush.

On the 27th March the Regiment crossed the Rhine over a Bailey bridge and took the initiative from the assaulting Divisions, who had done the fighting up to then. They had forced the crossing and it was now up to the 179 Field Regiment to drive hard and deep into the heart of Germany.
After passing through the heap of rubble that was the town of Rees, the Regiment advanced with 214 Infantry Brigade Group, and by the 3rd April 1945, entered Holland again at Hengelo. Here once again the men experienced those moving receptions of liberation that were reminiscent of previous advances in Holland. The streets were full of cheering crowds and flags were flying from all the buildings. The Regiment passed on, entering Germany again at Nordhorn, where we the very crowded road was shared with the Guards’ Armoured Division. However, they branched off at Lingen, whilst the Regiment went straight on to Bawinkel and Haselunne. A reconnaissance party selecting a new gun position was ambushed at Bawinkel by a small party of enemy left behind for the purpose, and in a sharp and very brave scrap Lieut. R. C. Bater and Gunner Dunn were killed, Driver Hornsby was wounded, and Bombardier Mills, Gunners Spaul and Saunderson taken prisoner.

If you have anything that might help me or even photos of the regiment at that period please get in touch as I'd love to try and find someone who may have known him.


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