Fred Mulley

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Fred Mulley

Postby crisw » Sat Dec 15, 2007 7:44 pm

My late father, S/Sgt Frank W. Whetton RASC was a friend of the late Fred Mulley, MP, etc. While they were both in Stalag 383, Hohenfels, Mulley wrote several articles in the British press in which he mentioned my father's work as an artist. My father left behind a large collection of artworks and photographs from Stalags XXa and 383, including what seem to be two sketches of Fred Mulley, circa. 1943. For reasons which would take to long to explain, the Finnish museum of social history is mounting an exhibitionof my father's work in April-May, 2008 and I am publishing a book, entitled "Barbed Wire Studio", to coincide with the exhibition.
Among the various works are four pictures which seem to have been published in The Birmingham Evening Despatch, possibly with Mulley's help, almost certainly after June 1943. (Each picture has block-maker's marks on the back and they were returned to mt grandmother in Worksop, Notts.) I am very anxious to determine whether these pictures really were published and if so, with what text. Letters and e-mails to Birmingham City Library have gone unanswered. I would be most grateful for any help that anyone can offer.
Please contact me for further details.
Cris Whetton
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