Morley brothers enlistment

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Morley brothers enlistment

Postby Nicholas » Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:36 pm

Hello everyone.
As the 100th anniversary of their death in 1914 approaches, I am hoping to find the answers to a few outstanding questions.
Charles James Morley b. 1888 became Private 9886 on his enlistment in, I believe,1906, into the 4th Worcestershire Battalion.
Henry Philip Morley (usually called Philip) b. 1884 became Private 10466 on his enlistment in, I believe, 1907, into the 3rd Worcestershire Battalion.
Is it possible to pinpoint their enlistment date more precisely?
Their place of enlistment is stated as London (SDGW). Did the Worcester Regiment have a recruitment office in London?
Or would they have joined at an Army Recruitment Office and been given a choice of regiments, of which the Worcesters would have been one?
If the latter, I suspect the brothers must have had a certain amount of choice in the matter, since for them both to join the same regiment a year or more apart seems too much of a coincidence.
On enlistment, would they have done their initial training at Norton Barracks, or elsewhere, before joining their Battalions?
I will probably have more questions to follow, but as this is my first post on this forum, I think that will suffice for the present.
Many thanks for any information, help and advice,
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