Pte Samuel Smith number 42836

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Pte Samuel Smith number 42836

Postby Archdale » Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:26 am

We are looking for any information on Pte Samuel Smith service number 42836 Worcestershire Regiment 10 th Worcester B.
This information is what we have from his German internment records ( he was captured 10 April 1918 Messines, near Wypres, Begium)

We have his medals ie: 1914-18 Great War For Civilisation ( silver medal) 1914-18 Bronze medal
We also have his service number from the Machine Gun Corps, his number being 24632.
Was the Machine Gun Corp annexed to the Worcestershire Regiment, any information much appreciated.
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Re: Pte Samuel Smith number 42836

Postby scully » Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:04 pm


Private Samuel Smith was initially with the 25th Brigade Machine Gun Company which was formed on 19th January 1916 from the Machine Gun Sections of the infantry battalions.

I have added some additional information on my website with regards the 10th Battalion during April 1918. Link below:

The 25th Brigade Machine Gun Company was attached to the army 25th Brigade of the 8th Division.
The 25th Brigade Machine Gun Company was formed from the Machine Gun Sections of the 2nd Battalion The Lincolnshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion The Royal Berkshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rifles and 2nd Battalion The Rifle Brigade.

As a unit of the 8th Infantry Division, it will have taken part in the following battles and engagements.

1 July 1916 Battle of Albert (III. Corps, Fourth Army).
23 to 30 October 1916 - Attack on le Tresnoy (XIV. Corps, Fourth Army).

4 March 1917 - Bouchavesnes (XV. Corps, Fourth Army).
14 March to 5 April 1917 - German Retreat to the Hindenburg Line (XV. Corps, Fourth Army).

31 July and 01 August 1917 - Battle of Pilckem Ridge (II. Corps, Fifth Army).
31 July 1917 - Attack on Westhoek.
16 to 18 August 1917 - Battle of Langemarck (II. Corps, Fifth Army).
02 December 1917 - Assault of Southern Redoubt, Passchedaele (25th Brigade) (VIII. Corps, Second Army).
23 March 1918 - Battle of St. Quentin (XIX. Corps, Fifth Army).
24 and 25 March 1918 - Actions at the Somme Crossings (XIX. Corps, Fifth Army).
26 and 27 March 1918 - Battle of Rosieres (XIX. Corps, Fifth Army).

On 20 April 1918, it was amalgamated with the 23rd, 24th and 218th Machine Gun Companies to form No. 8 Battalion, Machine Gun Corps.
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