1st Batallion 1946-1947 Trieste

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1st Batallion 1946-1947 Trieste

Postby Frank Williams » Wed Dec 13, 2006 9:05 pm

I am interested in contacting anyone who was posted with the 1st Batallion in Triest from 1946 to 1947.
Frank Williams
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John Hothersall Trieste Memories

Postby John Hothersall » Fri Dec 15, 2006 12:08 am


I am replying on behalf of my father John Hothersall who was in Trieste and Pola in 1946-47. He is presently in hospital in Preston Lancashire so can't reply directly.

He joined up in October 1943 and went overseas to the 1st Batallion in September or October 1944. Having been wounded in February 1945 he rejoined the batallion in Germany after VE day and was with Brigade Headquarters as a Corporal in the Intelligence section when in Trieste.

He can't remember Capt Bowen but does remember Capts Brooke-Johnson and Bowes -Lyon. The former he remembers particularly from when he was acting Sergeant of the guard at Rossetti Barracks. Brooke-Johnson apparently had a habit of returning late at night somewhat the worse for wear and "calling out the guard".

Other memories include riding the trams in Trieste, probably without paying, and swimming at Trieste -pictures of which Louis Scully has provided in the past. There was also some connection with horses and a riding school although this may of been pre Trieste.

While at Pola he remembers travelling through the Morgan Line from Trieste in "bandit country" and he was involved when Brigardier de Winton was assassinated. He observed it from an office window three stories up, went down to pick the Brigardier up, carried him back to the office and then rang for the ambulance. Pola was placed under curfew.

He was discharged in October 1947 and remembers travelling back through Hull to obtain his demob suit. I gather he was on a charge at the time from having celebrated in Trieste against orders to stay in barracks when his demob papers came through. Paraded before Brooke-Johnson he was asked whether he hunted or not.

Should there be a reunion this year he hopes to be able to attend.

If any of these memories rings a bell with you I am sure he would be only too pleased to hear from you.


Martin Hothersall
John Hothersall
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Postby Frank Williams » Fri Dec 15, 2006 6:27 pm

Thanks for replying your information on your father was most interesting. However, I cannot recall the name but may recognise the face. The reason I cannot recollect his name is probably because I was posted to HO medical section which included the regimental band and corp of drums.

Your involvement on the day when Brigardier de Winton was assasinated was most interesting. I seem to remember he was shot by a woman whilst she watched the changing of the guard. The bugler on duty that day was a chap called Atwell who was the Brigardier when shot.

I have some photos of my days in Triest but are hidden away somewhere. I will try to dig them out sometime.

Recollections of Triest include the trams (number 11 to Rossetti barracks I believe) and the strong smell of garlick, I assume from the locals. Also, the barrow sited outside the barracks selling hot roast chestnuts. The street called the Monkey Run that was on the rough side of town. I remember the hot baths which were always preferable to the cold showers of Rossetti barracks and also a good place to get your battle dressed pressed. The owner of the baths was a big fat bloke whose assistant Angela. I can still hear him shouting for "Angela" when he needed assistance; quite a regular occurance from the number of times I heard him.

I was demobbed in 1947/48 from Berlin and I think I had to go to York to pick up my demob suit etc.

I hope your father is soon better and would very much like to meet up with him should a reunion be organised next year.

Do you know of any other ex commrades who are still around? If so, could tou forward me any contact details you may have.


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Postby scully » Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:29 am


My father joined the 1st Battalion in 1943 and was finally demobed in May 1947. After the war he was in Trieste and Pola with the Battalion. I have posted some details and photos he took in Trieste and Pola on this web site under the 1st Battalion Section 1946 to 1970. The direct link is:
ERROR://www.worcestershireregiment.com/w ... bat_1_1946

I would welcome copies of any other photos which were also taken at the time.

I started this web site serveral years ago in memory of my father who fought with the 1st Battalion during WW2. He was first with 'D' Company and later transferred to Support Company. He was Batman to Captain Percy Huxter upto the end of the war and then he was Batman to Major Desmond Haslehust (commanding Support Company). I have may photos my father took during and just after the war and hope to add more on my web site in the future.


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Riding School at Trieste and other memories

Postby John Hothersall » Fri Dec 22, 2006 11:10 pm


My Father was very pleased to receive your reply and it has got him reminiscencing. In no particular order:

He was involved with the riding school at Trieste when he delivered the first horses. Apparently he volunteered as being knowledgeable about horses (not true) and was sent from Trieste to the Veterinary Corps somwhere in Germany. With three three tonners and drivers and three German POW's under a truculent Nazi Sergeant Major, "an awkward so and so", he then drove back to Trieste with two horses in each three tonner taking a few days. His main problem seems to have been rations as the NAAFI's wouldn't admit the Germans and the Sergeant Major was insistent upon his rights.

I have got it wrong about his discchrge. He was apparently in Germany rather than Trieste but doesn't think it was Berlin so perhaps he was discahrged prior to you? He remembers travelling from Pola/Trieste on open trains when the Batallion was posted back to Germany but when he arrived was immediately ordered back on the train with two privates to accompany a German Staff Car to Montgomery's HQ as war gold. He believes it was one of Goering's.

He didn't see Montgomery then but was addressed by him when he was called back to do Z Training at Castlemartin which we assume was during the Korean War? His main memories of the fortnight he had to serve were going out to the local pubs in a lttle Austin 7 called "Bessie" which he drove down from Preston. He seems to have had an arrangement with the MT Sergeant to acquire petrol off ration.

Back to Trieste he vaguely recalls a disasterous attempt to start a Corporal's Mess. He does remember Monkey Run you refer to.

As regards remembering you I'm afraid he doesn't. I suspect the only thing that would make him stand out to you is that he was not a Midland's man, being from Lancashire, and was educated at Public School so was forever being mocked as havin "a marble in his mouth". He doesn't seem to have any photos of the period but would be very interested if you have any.


Martin (on behalf of John)
John Hothersall
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z training

Postby CPLCLIVE » Sat Dec 23, 2006 4:28 pm

?? :lol:
Your metion of Z traing brought back memories for myself it was refresher trainig for soldiers on reserve after the war in the fifeties I myself in 1954 -56 was an weapon and drill instructor at the Regimental Depot Norton Barracks when we had some Z reservists in for training I was well embarrassed I can tell you there was I a comparative young sprog of an NCO teaching these fellows about the Bren LMG they had seen action during the war I at that time had seen none talk about embarrasment I can tell you I definantly was but they where OK
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