Military Cross (MC)

Instituted on 28th December 1915, the Military Cross (MC) fulfilled the need for an officer's gallantry award lesser than the VC or the DSO, and was originally awarded to captains, lieutenants and warrant officers of the Army, including the Royal Flying Corps. The eligibility was later extended to equivalent ranks of the Royal Naval Division, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force when performing acts of gallantry on land. In 1931 a warrant extended the award to those of the rank of major.

This award was originally for gallant and distinguished Conduct not necessarily in the face of the enemy. The regulations were changed during the First World War to make the awards purely for gallantry. It is now open to all ranks. 

A silver cross with straight arms ending in broad finials decorated with imperial crowns. The Royal cipher is placed at the centre, and the whole medal is suspended from a 38mm wide purple ribbon by a plain silver suspender.

The reverse is plain, although since 1938 the date of the award appears on the lower reverse, and it has been said that any awards personally presented by the Monarch are officially named thereon. Private engraving of the reverse is fairly common. 

Bars to denote subsequent awards are sometimes seen, being also in silver and having the crown at the centre. Of the 37,081 MCs awarded for the Great War, 2992 received one bar, 176 two, and 4 three.
Awards can be verified from the London Gazette or the Army List, and regimental histories or unit war diaries often document these awards. 

Since 1993, when the Military Medal was discontinued, this award has been available to both officers and other ranks.
Worcestershire Regiment men who were awarded the MC.

The rank show in the tables below is that which was held at the time the Order was awarded.

First World War (1914-1920)
During the Great War 288 men of the Worcestershire Regiment were awarded the Military Cross and 36 bars were awarded.


Rank Gazette (date) Battalion Engagement
Adams, Herbert Mayon Lieut. 04/02/1918 2/8th Cambrai 1917
Adshead, Harry Willetts A/Major 01/01/1918 1/7th Ypres 1917
Ainsworth, Norman John 2/Lt (A/Capt) 25/08/1917 9th Kut 1917
Allen, Arthur Lieut. 01/01/1919 1/7th(Att.T.M.B.) Italy (general)
Baden, Bertram T2Lt (A/Capt) 17/12/1917 11th Doiran 1917 (Salonika)
Ball, Arthur Edmund Capt. 03/06/1918 2/8th France 1918 (general)
Barber, Gordon Henderson 2/Lieut. 08/03/1919 1/8th Beaurevoir
Barclay, Edward D. 2/Lieut. 26/07/1917 4th Pelves Mill
Barker, Rowland F. Capt. 26/11/1917 2nd Menin Road
Barron, J. B. Capt. 25/08/1916 3rd Ovillers (12/7/1916)
   "   "   -bar Capt. 26/09/1916 3rd Thiepval (24/8/1916)
Barton, Edward Cecil Lieut. 26/09/1917 1st Ypres 1917
Bate, Harold Brackenbury 2/Lieut. 26/09/1917 1/7th Ypres 1917
Bate, John Perceval Capt. 01/01/1917 1/8th Somme 1916 (general)
   "   "   -bar Capt. 18/06/1917 1/8th Templeux
Bateman, Stephen Thomas, M.M. 2/Lieut. 02/04/1919 1/8th Selle
Beaman, William Archie 2/Lieut. 18/10/1917 2/7th Ypres 1917
Bell, Douglas Ward Lt. (A/Capt.) 01/01/1918 Att. M.G.C. France 1917 (general)
Bennett, Eugene Paul 2/Lieut. 14/01/1916 2nd Cambrin (10/11/1915)
Bigwood, Wilfred 2/Lieut. 14/11/1916 4th Raid (15-16/9/1916)
Bigwood, Martin Stokes Capt. 03/06/1918 10th France 1918 (general)
Birch-Jones, A. F. Capt. 16/08/1917 3rd Messines 1917
Blackburne, Gilbert Montagu Ireland Capt. 16/09/1918 10th Somme 1918
Blond, P. T., 5929 C.S.M. 18/02/1915 3rd France 1914 (general)
Bomford, James Ferguson Lieut. 01/01/1918 2/8th Ypres 1917 (general)
Bomford, Leslie Raymond Capt. 24/09/1918 1/8th Piave
   "   "   -bar Capt. 02/12/1918 1/8th Raid (Italy)
Booker, Stanley Charles 2/Lieut. 22/09/1916 2/8th Fromelles 
Booth, Ernest L. 2/Lieut. 11/01/1919 4th Lys 1918
Boswell, Harold Edward 2/Lieut. 24/09/1918 2nd Raid (20/6/1918)
Boucher, Walter Edmund Capt. 01/02/1919 Att. Tank Corps  
Boulton, Howard Gilbert Capt. 03/06/1919 1/7th Italy (general)
Bowman, Alfred Hamstrek Capt. 15/02/1919 4th Ypres 1918
   "   "   -bar Capt. 08/03/1919 4th Courtrai
Brazier, Francis Jonathan Capt. 04/06/1917 14th Ancre 1917
Brewer, Alfred Temp 2/Lieut. 26/09/1917 3rd Ypres 1917
Bright, Basil Herbert Capt. 03/06/1918 Att. 144th T.M.B.  
Brocks, Arthur William Capt. 03/06/1916 4th Gallipoli (general)
Bruce, Stanley Melbouces Capt. 02/02/1916 Att. R. Fus. Krithia
Brush, George William, 8538 C.S.M. 16/09/1918 10th (April 1918)
Buckler, Eric Wilson Capt. 23/06/1915 3rd France 1915 (general)
Bullock, John Arthur 2/Lieut. 02/12/1918 1/8th Raid (Italy)
Bundv, Harold P. Lieut. 03/06/1919 1/7th Italy (general)
Bush, Walter Donald Lieut. 03/06/1915 4th 1st Krithia
Butcher, A. H. Capt. 26/11/1917 1/7th Ypres 1917
Butler, A. T. Lieut. 18/01/1918 2/8th Raid (15/11/1917)
Campbell, John William Ronald 2/Lieut. 03/06/1916 3rd France 1916 (general)
Carter, Harvey Gerald Carminew 2/Lieut. 24/06/1916 1/8th Patrol (21/5/1916)
Carter, Percy Lieut. 01/01/1917 1/7th Ovillers
Casey, Thomas W. 2/Lieut. 24/09/1918 14th (18/05/1918)
Cassels, W. C. Lieut. 18/07/1917 1/7th Gillemont Farm
Chamberlin, F. G. Capt. 25/11/1916 Att. 7th D.W.R. France 1916 (general)
Chapman, Ernest 2/Lieut. 01/02/1919 3rd Shepherd's Redoubt
Clark, Alec Hayward Bradshaw 2/Lieut. 26/05/1917 1/7th Epehy
Clark, H. M. Lieut. 26/11/1917 4th Ypres 1917
Clarke, Joseph 2/Lieut. 17/12/1917 10th Menin Road
Coe, Arthur Temp 2/Lieut. 02/04/1919 1/8th Sambre
Collins, John Gordon Capt. 01/01/1918 (W.A.F.F.) E. Africa
   "   "   -bar Capt. 26/03/1918  (W.A.F.F.) E. Africa
Conybeare, Edward B. Lieut. 28/04/1915 1st Neuve Chapelle
Cooper, Howard Leslie Temp 2/Lieut. 08/03/1919 1st Douai
Cotton, William Ernest Leslie Capt. 04/06/1917 (Staff) France 1917 (general)
Court, Conrad Vaisey Wathen Lieut. 03/06/1918 1st (Att. Sigs.) Ypres 1917 (general)
   "   "   -bar Lieut. 26/07/1918 1st (Att. Sigs.) Somme 1918
Courtauld, Stephen Lewis T/Lt (A/Capt) 01/01/1918 1st (Att. M.G.C.) Ypres 1917
Cowherd, John Temp 2/Lieut. 04/02/1918 4th Cambrai 1917
Coxwell, Edward Charles Capt. 03/06/1919 1st France (general)
Croom-Johnson, Henry Lieut. 18/07/1917 4th Arras 1917
   "   "   -bar Capt. 16/09/1918 4th Lys 1918
Crump, George, D.C.M. (8713) CSM (A/RSM) 08/03/1919 1st Oppy (6/10/1918)
Davies, Christopher T/Lieut. 08/03/1919 1st Oppy
Davies, Frank Erickson Capt. 23/06/1915 Att. M.G.C. East Africa
   "   "   -bar Major 17/12/1917 Att. M.G.C. France 1917 (general)
Davies, Hugh Warburton Capt(A/Major) 03/06/1918 2/8th Cambrai 1917
Dickens, J. D. 2/Lieut. 25/08/1915 4th 3rd Krithia
Dingley, Philip Neville 2/Lieut. 18/07/1918 Att. Tank Corps France 1918 (general)
Dixon, J. G. Lieut. 01/01/1917 1/7th Ovillers
Downes, Henry Cuthbert Capt. 26/07/1917 2nd Croisilles
Drewitt, Francis Drayton 2/Lieut. 17/03/1917 9th Kut 1917
Duckworth, John Edwin Hardie Lieut. 15/02/1919 Att. 10th Devons France 1918 (general)
Duffield, Gerald Hinds Lieut. 01/02/1919 3rd Shepherd's Redoubt
Dunlop, Ernest McMurchie, M.B. Capt. 01/01/1919 att. 14th Bn Wor R.A.M.C. (medical)
Dunnett, Raymond Frederick Lieut. 01/01/1917 2nd High Wood (July 1916)
Durlacher, Eric Alexander Ogilvie 2/Lieut. 17/04/1917 2nd Clery Raid
Edwards, Walter B. 2/Lieut. 04/06/1917 2nd Clery Raid
Evans, W., (7768) C.S.M. 01/01/1917 3rd France 1916 (general)
Evers, Hugh Lancelot Capt. 18/10/1917 2/8th Ypres 17
   "   "   -bar Capt. 11/01/1919 2/8th Lys (3/9/1918)
Featherstone, Thomas 2/Lieut. 04/06/1917 11th Doiran 1917
Ferguson, William Capt. 14/11/1916 2nd Delville Wood
Fisher, Harold James Capt. 03/06/1918 11th Macedonia (general)
Ford, Richard Jellard Capt. 18/02/1915 2nd Ypres 1914
Fox, C. A. N. Lieut. 14/01/1916 2nd France 1915 (general)
Frazier, Ernest, D.C.M. (10690) C.S.M. 01/01/1919 1st France 1918 (general)
Freeman, Richard Arthur Frederick Lt. (A/Major) 01/01/1919 Att. Tank Corps France 1918 (general)
Freeman, R. H. F. Capt. 26/01/1917 Att. R.F.C. France 1916 (general)
Fry, Frederick Walter 2/Lieut. 18/01/1918 2/8th Raid (15/11/191 7)
Gabb, Samuel Alwyne Capt. 01/01/1915 3rd France 1914 (general)
Gale, Richard Nelson Lieut. 26/07/1918 Att. M.G.C. France 1918 (general)
Gascoigne, H. Lieut. 03/06/1919 14th Ypres 1917
Gibbon, William Duff Capt. 02/02/1916 9th Sari flair
Gilbert, Ernest Capt. & Adjt. 03/06/1919 1/8th France 1918 (general)
Gillespie, T. L. Lieut. 11/01/1919 4th Lys Valley (3/9/1918)
Godsall, S. A. Capt. 03/01/2020 2/8th St. Quentin
Goodwin, Harold Lt. (A/Capt.) 17/12/1917 2/7th Raid (24/10/1917)
Goold, Leslie Lant 2/Lieut. 26/07/1917 Att. M.G.C. France 1917 (general)
Gordon, Dennis 2/Lieut. 02/04/1919 1/8th Selle
Graham, Charles Gordon Capt. 15/02/1919 14th Canal du Nord
Graham, John Burrow Capt. 26/07/1918 2/8th Marcelcave(30/3/1918)
Grant, Theodore Capt. 22/08/1918 Att. Kaffrarian Rifles E. Africa
   "   "   -bar Capt. 24/09/1918 3rd Aisne 1918
Gray, Samuel 2/Lieut. 16/09/1918 4th Lys
Greenhill, Campbell Temp 2/Lieut. 26/07/1917 3rd Raid (2-3/6/1917)
Grogan, Hubert Lawrence Capt. 26/11/1917 4th Ypres 1917
Grover, G., (6430) R.S.M. 14/01/1916 1st France 1915 (general)
Gundry, William Sigurd Lieut. 02/12/1918 1/8th Patrol (Italy)
Gunston, Frederick John Dover 2/Lieut. 26/07/1917 2nd Croisilles
Hackett, C. E. 2/Lieut. 18/06/1917 4th Arras 1917
   "   "   -bar Capt. 15/10/1918 4th Raid (8/8/1918)
Hall, William Temp 2/Lieut. 04/02/1918 2/8th Cambrai 1917
Halliday, H. E. Lieut. 01/02/1919 1/7th Sec
Hanson, Harold Dudley Lt. (A/Major) 02/04/1919 Att. M.G.C. France 1918 (general)
Harding, P. D. Capt. 14/11/1916 Att. Sigs. France 1916 (general)
Hargreaves, P. W. Capt. & Adjt. 26/06/1918 3rd Somme 1918
Harris, T. C. F. Capt. 26/11/1917 1/7th Ypres 1917
   "   "   -bar Capt. 24/09/1918 1/7th Piavé
Harrison, Reginald T/Lt. (A/Capt) 08/03/1919 1st Douai
Hartley, Sydney T/Lieut. 01/01/1918 10th France 1917 (general)
Harvey, J. S. 2/Lieut. 01/02/1919 3rd Shepherd's Redoubt
Hawkes, B. G. T. Capt. 03/06/1919 Att. T.M.B. France 1918 (general)
Heagarty, A. W. H. Major 15/02/1919 14th Cambrai 1918
Heath, H., 240005 R.S.M. 03/06/1919 1/8th France 1918 (general)
Hemming, Frank James 2/Lieut. 26/07/1917 2nd Croisilles
Henstock, Percy T/Lieut. 01/01/1919 3rd France 1918 (general)
Heselton, A. Capt. (A/Lt.Col.)  26/07/1918 Att. W. Yorks France 1918 (general)
Hickman, Frank 2/Lieut. 08/03/1919 2/8th Selle
Hill, T. H. Lieut. 03/06/1919 14th France 1918 (general)
Hodgkinson, C., 3496 R.S.M. 23/06/1915 3rd France 1915 (general)
Holcroft, H. R. Capt. 03/06/1919 (Staff) France 1918 (general)
Holmden, Trevor Noel T/Capt. 25/08/1917 9th Kut 1917
Hopewell, E. R. Capt. 25/08/1916 2/7th Raid (4/7/1916)
Hopkins, E. L. 2/Lt. 17/04/1917 2nd Clery Raid
   "   "   -bar Capt. 08/03/1919 2nd Selle
Hudson, A. J. B. Lieut. 26/07/1917 3rd Raid
Humphries, E. A. Capt. 03/06/1916   France 1916 (general)
Humphries, J. C. 2/Lieut. 14/01/1916 1/7th France 1915 (general)
Inwood, Charles Herbert Lt. & Qmr. 25/08/1917 9th Kut 1917
Ivor-Moore, Thomas 2/Lieut. 26/07/1917 Att. M.G.C. France 1917 (general)
Jackson, S. S. 2/Lieut. 04/02/1918 2/8th Cambrai 1917
Jagger, Charles Sargeant Lieut. 16/09/1918 2nd Neuve Eglise
James, H. Capt. 16/10/1918 (Staff) Amiens 1918
Johnson, A. 2/Lieut. 26/11/1917 2nd Menin Road
   "   "   -bar 2/Lieut. 02/12/1918 2nd Neuve Eglise
Johnson, Sydney Charles 2/Lieut. 08/03/1919 1st Oppy
Johnston, A. C. Capt. 18/02/1915 3rd (Att. Sigs.) Flanders 1914(general)
Johnston, L. 2/Lieut. 22/09/1916 2/7th Fromelles
Jones, F. M. H. 2/Lieut. 16/08/1917 Att. Border R. France 1917 (general)
Jones, G. H. 2/Lieut. 18/07/1917 1/8th Gillemont Farm
Jones, T. L. Lieut. 02/12/1918 1/8th Raid (Italy)
Jones, W. J. R.Q.M.S. 27/07/1916 1/7th Ploegsteert 
Keen, R. T. Lieut. 10/01/1917 1/8th Le Sars
Kelly, Bernard 2/Lieut. 08/03/1919 2nd Selle
   "   "   -bar 2/Lieut. 02/04/1919 2nd Pursuit to Mons6/11/18
Kimber, Charles Frank Capt. 24/09/1918 10th Aisne 1918
King, H. 2/Lieut. 25/08/1916 3rd Thiepval
Knowles, W. S. 2/Lieut. 26/09/1916 3rd Thiepval
Lattey, Eric Capt. 16/09/1918 3rd Lys 1918
   "   "   -bar Capt. 01/02/1919 3rd Shepherd's Redoubt
Lawrence, Edward L. G. Capt. 01/01/1916 (Staff) France 1915 (general)
Lawrence, F. H. Capt. 26/11/1917 Att. R.F.C. France 1917 (general)
Leake, R. S. Lieut. 01/01/1919 1/7th Italy (general)
Lindsay, D. 2/Lieut. 01/02/1919 1/7th Sec
Linton, C. S. Capt. 23/06/1915 Staff France 1915 (general)
Little, D. G. 2/Lieut. 03/06/1916 1/7th France 1916 (general)
Lloyd, A. O. Lieut. 18/07/1917 1/7th Gillemont Farm
   "   "   -bar Capt.  26/09/1917 1/7th  Ypres 1917 (17/8)
   "   "   -2nd bar Capt.  26/09/1917 1/7th  Ypres 1917 (28/8)
Lowndes, L.  2/Lieut.  03/06/1919 2/8th  France 1918 (general) 
Luckman, Harold John  2/Lieut.  26/07/1917 10th  Raid
   "   "   -bar 2/Lieut.  16/09/1918 10th  Somme 1918
Lucovitch, R.  2/Lieut.  17/09/1917 10th  04/07/2017
Lunn, J.  2/Lieut.  04/02/1918 Staff  Cambrai 1917
Maben, Herbert Cartieghe Lt. (T/Capt.) 01/01/1918 14th Ypres 1917
Mason, I. N. Capt. 16/08/1917 3rd Messines 1917
Matthews, T. F. V. Capt. 11/12/1916 2nd Transloy
McCombie, H. Capt. 14/01/1916 (Staff) France 1915 (general)
MacDonald, S. P. J. 2/Lieut. 01/01/1917 3rd Thiepval (25/8/1916)
McNally, W., 10099 C.S.M. 01/01/1917 10th Bazentin (30/7/1916)
Melhuish, James Walter Douglas Lieut. 18/07/1917 1/7th Gillemont Farm
Mitchell, Eric Sydney Lt. (A/Capt) 04/02/1918 2/8th Cambrai 1917
Monk, John M. Capt. 14/01/1916 1st France 1915 (general)
   "   "   -bar Capt.  26/11/1917 (Staff)  Ypres 1917
Morice, Charles Stewart Lt. (T/Capt.) 01/01/1918 Att. R.F.C. France 1917 (general)
Morrison, John Gavin Temp 2/Lieut. 02/04/1919 2nd Pursuit to Mons6/11/18
Morton, C. W. 2/Lieut. 26/11/1917 4th Ypres 1917
Mould, J. Lieut. 08/11/1915 4th Krithia (2/7/1915)
Moule, W. L., 200067 C.S.M. 04/06/1917 1/7th France 1917 (general)
Mugford, H. H. 2/Lieut. 02/12/1918 1st Oppy
Muspratt, Terence Petty Lt (T/Capt.) 24/06/1916 3rd Vimv Ridge
Newcomb, Ernest Reginald Lieut. 08/03/1919 att. 4th (2nd) Courtrai
Nicholls, E. J. 2/Lieut. 01/02/1919 1st Oppy
Nicklin. Harry John 2/Lieut. 16/09/1918 2nd Neuve Eglise
Nield, R. W. Capt. 03/06/1918 1/7th Italy (general)
O'Donovan, G. P. 2/Lieut. 26/09/1916 3rd Thiepval (24/8/1916)
O'Donovan, R. A. Lieut. 11/05/1917 1st Bouchavesnes
   "   "   -bar Capt. 08/03/1919 1st Oppy
Orford, Frederick Stanley Lieut. 16/09/1918 2nd Neuve Eglise
Owins, A. E. Capt. 19/11/1917 10th Menin Road
Paddison, H. J. 2/Lieut.  22/09/1916 2/7th Frornelles
Parker, Sidney Lieut. & Qmr.  01/01/1918 1st Ypres 1917
Parker, W. H. 2/Lieut.  26/07/1918 3rd Somme 1918
Parkes, John 2/Lieut.  17/12/1917 1/7th Vimy
Parkes, Thomas Gerrard 2/Lieut.  04/06/1917 3rd France 1917 (general)
   "   "   -bar Capt.  24/09/1918 Att. 1st Wilts. France 1918 (general)
Parry, Albert Temp 2/Lieut. 04/02/1918 4th Cambrai 1917 (20/11)
Paskin, Jesse John Capt.  04/02/1918 Att. M.G.C. France 1917 (general)
Pawsev, C. R. Lieut.  14/01/1916 18th Somme 1916 (general)
   "   "   -bar Capt.  18/06/1917 1/8th Templeux
Pegler, G. S. 2/Lieut.  26/11/1917 4th Ypres 1917
Phillips, Leslie G. Lieut.  14/01/1916 Att. Sigs. France 1915 (general)
Pickles, E. W. 2/Lieut.  24/09/1918 3rd Aisne 1918 (27/5)
   "   "   -bar 2/Lieut.  01/01/1919 3rd France 1918 (general)
Pigg, C. H. Capt.  27/07/1916 2nd Auchy Raid
Pittard, R. M. 2/Lieut.  18/07/1917 1/8th Gillemont Farm
Pointon, Arnold Cecil 2/Lieut.  16/09/1918 2nd Neuve Eglise
Porterfield, G. A. Lieut.  18/01/1918 14th Ypres 1917
Pratt, A. B. Capt. & Adjt.  01/01/1917 1st France 1916 (general)
Prescott, William Ralph Capt. 26/05/1917 1/7th Epehy
   "   "   -bar Capt.  16/08/1917 1/7th Gillemont Farm 
   "   "   -2nd bar  Capt.  02/04/1919 1/7th  Camporovere
Pritchard, G. 2/Lieut. 18/06/1917 2/8th Hill 120
Pritchard, Inkerman T. Capt. 04/02/1918 1st Raid
Prosser, A. E. Capt. 01/02/1919 1st Oppv
Pullan, Edward Guy 2/Lieut. 03/06/1918 3rd France 1918 (general)
Rabone, Eric Lawrence Capt. 03/06/1918 2/8th France 1918 (general)
Raikes, A. F. 2/Lieut. 10/01/1917 1/8th Le Sars
Ralston C. H. Capt. & Adjt.  14/01/1916 2nd Loos
Reading, Frederick Albert T/Lt (A/Capt) 01/01/1918 3rd France 1917 (general)
Reynolds, Walter Hugh Lieut. 02/04/1919 1/8th Selle
Ridley, Thomas Kenneth Gordon T/Capt. 01/01/1919 17th formerly 12Bn Yorks R
Roberts, A. W. 2/Lieut. 25/08/1915 4th Krithia (18/6/1915)
Roberts, D'A. G. St. C. Lieut. 11/12/1916 4th Le Transloy
Roberts, Frank C. Capt. 26/09/1917 (Staff) Ypres 1917
Roberts, James Edmund Lt. (A/Capt.) 03/06/1918 2/7th France 1917 (general)
Round, W. G. 2/Lieut. 04/06/1917 3rd France 1916 (general)
Rowden, C. R. Lieut. 28/03/1916 Att. R. F. C. France 1918 (general)
Rudge, L. M. Capt. 03/06/1919 Att. R.W. Fus.
Russell, S. G. 2/Lieut. 22/04/1918 1st Raid (13/2/1918)
Rye, S. J. 2/Lieut. 16/09/1918 4th Lys (11/4/1918)
   "   "   -bar 2JLieut.  15/10/1918 4th  Raid (8/8/1918)
Scammell, W. S. Capt. 16/09/1918 10th Somme 1918
Scott, I. G. Lieut. 15/10/1918 2nd Raid (17-18/7/1918)
Shakespeare, W. P., 200445 C.S.M. 18/10/1917 1/7th Ypres 1917
Shaw, Frank Sampson Temp 2/Lieut. 26/07/1917 11th Doiran 1917
Sladden, C. E. Major 04/02/1918 9th Kut 1917
Slaughter, George A. Lieut. 18/02/1915 2nd Ypres 1914
Smart, R. C. 2/Lieut. 24/09/1918 1st Aisne 1918
Smith, Edward Richardson Lt. (A/Capt.) 02/04/1919 4th Courtrai
Smith, G. H. Capt. 03/06/1918 1/8th Italy (general)
Smith, H. S. Lieut. 11/01/1919 4th Lys (3/9/1918)
Smith, Leonard T/2Lt(A/Capt) 08/03/1919 1st Douai
Smith, Victor Rowland Fox T/Lieut. 26/09/1917 1/8th(Att.T.M.B.) Ypres 1917
Smith, William Leslie T/Lt (A/Capt) 03/06/1918 2nd France 1918 (general)
Smithin, J. A. Lieut. 11/05/1917 1st Bouchavesnes
Sneade, C. G. 2/Lieut. 15/10/1918 4th Raid (8/8/1918)
Somers Cox, S. J. Lieut. & Adjt. 14/11/1916 3rd Thiepval (3/9/1916)
Southwood, S. W. 2/Lieut. 02/02/1916 4th (Gallipoli)
Spiers, K. L. 2/Lieut. 25/08/1916 3rd Ovillers (12/7/1916)
Stacke, Henry FitzMaurice Capt. & Adjt. 26/09/1917 4th Langemarck 1917
Stallard, R. H. Lieut. 18/06/1917 2/8th Hill 120
   "   "   -bar Capt. 08/03/1919 2/8th Valenciennes
Stephens, Kenneth Thomas 2/Lieut. 16/09/1918 3rd Lys
Stephenson, Shirley Aubrey Lieut. 26/07/1917 11th Doiran 1917
Stephenson-Featherstonhaugh,                              Alexander John Capt. 04/06/1917 Staff France 1917 (general)
Stevens, William Cecil Temp 2/Lieut. 26/09/1917 1st Ypres 1917
   "   "   -bar Capt. & Adjt. 26/07/1918 1st Somme 1918
Stevenson, Ronald William Capt. 01/01/1919 2/8th France 1918 (general)
Stokes, Walter John 2/Lieut. 04/02/1918 Att. 12th Norfolk France 1917 (general)
Stokes-Roberts, Arthur Edward Capt. 01/01/1917 4th France 1916 (general)
Stone, G. F. Capt. 03/06/1919 14th France 1918 (general)
Stone, N. H. Capt. 11/05/1917 1st Bouchavesnes
Stoney, Gerald Johnston Lipyeatt Capt. 01/01/1918 2nd France 1917 (general)
Symons, N. V. H. 2/Lieut. 22/09/1916 2/8th Fromelles
Taylor, S. 2/Lieut. 03/06/1916 4th France 1916 (general)
Thomas, Robert Stanley Temp 2/Lieut. 03/06/1918 4th France 1917 (general)
Thomson, George T/Lieut. 26/07/1917 11th Doiran 1917
Thorneloe, Joseph Eric Capt. & Adjt. 16/09/1918 4th Lys 1918
   "   "   -bar Capt. & Adjt. 15/02/1919 4th Ypres 1918
Tomkinson, Geoffrey Stewart Capt. 01/01/1917 2/7th Fauquissart
Tonge, Samuel Bardsley Temp 2/Lieut. 08/03/1919 2/8th Valenciennes
Tooze, H. Capt. 04/06/1917 4th Arras 1917
Tough, Cyril Charles, 4893 R.S.M. 27/07/1916 2nd France 1915 (general)
   "   "   -bar Capt. 15/10/1918 2nd Somrne 1918
Turley, John 2/Lieut. 16/09/1918 2nd Neuve Eglise
Underhill, Eric Owen Capt. 16/09/1918 3rd Kemmel
Urwick, Lyndall Fownes Capt. 01/01/1917 3rd France 1916 (general)
Vernon, Victor Lawrence 2/Lieut. 16/09/1918 2nd Neuve Eglise
Vint, A. W. 2/Lieut. 26/09/1917 3rd Westhoek
Vinter, Robert Bagster Wilson 2/Lieut. 24/06/1916 3rd Vimy Ridge 1916
Vyvyan, Ralph Ernest Capt(A/Major) 01/01/1919 Att. R.E. France 1918 (general)
Walford, John Osborn Capt. 02/04/1919 1/8th Selle
   "   "   -bar Capt. 02/04/1919 1/8th Sambre
Walker, Lawson Lieut. 08/03/1919 4th Courtrai
Wall, John Richard Capt. & QMR 01/01/1919 2/8th France 1918 (general)
Wallace, G. R. Lieut. 26/01/1917 1/7th Le Sars (2-4/12/1916)
   "   "   -bar Capt. 26/05/1917 1/7th Epehy
Walsh, M. R. Capt. 23/06/1915 (Staff) France 1915 (general)
Warren, R. H. 2/Lieut. 15/02/1919 4th Ypres 1918
Watkins, Arthur Powell Lt. (T/Capt) 03/06/1918 14th (March 1918)
Watkinson, George Lawrence T/Lt. (A/Capt) 08/03/1919 1/8th Beaurevoir23-24/10/18
   "   "   -bar Capt. 02/04/1919 1/8th Selle
Watson, G. G. Capt. 18/07/1917 1/7th Gillemont Farm
Watson, H. W. Capt. 01/01/1917   Somme 1916
Watts, R. W. A, 2/Lieut. 10/01/1917 2nd Le Transloy
Wedgbury, Edmund, D.C.M., M.M. Temp 2/Lieut. 08/03/1919 att. 1/8th (Glouster Regt.)
Wilkes, S. H. 2/Lieut. 04/06/1917 1/8th Somme, Winter 1916
   "   "   -bar Lieut.  26/09/1917 1/8th  Ypres 1917 
   "   "   -2nd bar  Lieut.  02/12/1918 1/8th  Raid (Italy)
Will L. J. A. Capt. 01/01/1917 (Staff) France 1916 (general)
   "   "   -bar Capt.  01/02/1919 4th  Ypres 1918
Williams, W. M. Lieut. 02/12/1918 1st Oppy
Williamson, H. B. 2/Lieut. 18/06/1917 4th Arras 1917
Willis, J. R. 2/Lieut. 18/10/1917 1/8th Ypres 1917
Wilmot, T. N. 2/Lieut. 27/07/1916 2nd Auchy Raid
Woods, H. W. 2/Lieut. 26/07/1918 14th Somme 1918
Worster, F. C. Capt. 24/09/1918 1st Aisne 1918
Wyatt H. E. Lieut. 20/10/1916 4th Raid (15-16/9/1916)
Wynter, R. C. Lieut. 04/06/1917 4th Arras 1917
Younghusband, Charles Haldenby Lieut. 26/07/1918 2/8th Somme 1918


Palestine (1938-1939)
During the Arab Rebellion in Palestine 3 men of the Worcestershire Regiment were awarded the Military Cross.
Surname  Forename/s  No.  Rank  Gazette  Battalion  Engagement
Stuart John William Brownlow 71146  2/Lieut.  08/09/1939 1st Palestine
Frith Robert Brereton 67139 2/Lieut.  14/03/1939 1st Palestine
Nott Donald Harley 39477 Captain 14/03/1939 1st Palestine
Second World War (1939-1946)
During the Second World war 39 men of the Worcestershire Regiment were awarded the Military Cross and 2 bars were awarded.
Surname Forename/s


Rank Gazette Battalion Engagement
Bailey Desmond Ronald Crampton 240333 2/Lieut. 15/11/1945 2nd Burma
Berry Edward Wilfrid Birkhead  72430 2/Lieut. 20/08/1940  8th France and Belgium 
Betts John Francis  79030 Lieut. 20/12/1940 7th France and Belgium 
Bowen Thomas Jim  100229 2/Lieut. 18/07/1941 1st Eritrea
Brierley John Buckley 53107 Capt. 28/06/1945  7th Burma
Churchill William Oliver  96284 Lieut. 23/03/1944  seconded Middle East
Cross Charles Napier 182246 Lieut. 09/12/1943 1st Prison escape
Clark R. H.   Lieut. 07/06/1945   Western Europe
Clover Sidney Karl 39720  T/Major  24/01/1946 1st Western Europe
Campbell Michael John 233253 Lieut. 17/01/1946 7th Burma
Dray Richard Leithe 85638 Lieut. 16/04/1942 1st Middle East
   "   "   -bar  


T/Capt. 24/09/1942 1st Middle East
Evans Robin Francis Bickerton  182249 Lieut. 26/08/1943 1st Middle East
Elder, (MBE) Bryan Norman Rawnsley  130065 T/Major 12/02/1945 1st Operation Veritable
Ellis John Charles Buchan  201441 Lieut. 24/02/1944  att. Italy
Elkington Leslie John 174307 A/Capt. 22/03/1945 7th Burma (att. 10 Glou)
Elliott Harry  121805 A/Major 31/08/1944 7th Burma
Fellows Reginald Neil 315209 Lieut. 23/08/1945 1st Western Europe
Francis Anthony John  71147 T/Major 08/03/1945  att. Italy
Garrett Charles Eric 21742 T/Major 19/10/1944  att. Western Europe
Graves Morris Philip Herbert 38518 A/Major 30/12/1941 1st Eritrea
Grubb Alfred Albert  121454 T/Major 27/06/1944 1st Cheux, France
Gutch Archibald John 64608 T/Major 19/10/1944 1st Mouen, France
Hershman Claude Angel 187049 Lieut. 19/08/1943  att. Middle East
Horton Joshua John 194592 2/Lieut. 24/09/1942  1st Middle East
Holyoake Arthur Frank 302876 Lieut. 23/08/1945  att. Italy
Lynes Frederick Norman 220622 2/Lieut. 05/11/1942 1st Point 187, Tobruk
Morgan Ralf 302126 Lieut. 22/03/1945 1st Western Europe
Martin-Smith Patrick Geoffrey Brian 130112 T/Capt. 02/08/1945  att. Italy
Muirhead Alexander Desmond 134303 T/Capt. 24/01/1946 att. SAS Italy
Nott (DSO, MC) Bar Donald Harley 39477 T/Major 24/09/1942 1st Point 187, Tobruk
Ogilvie Archibald Menzies 128576 Capt. 15/11/1945 2nd Burma
Parton Harold 296230 T/Capt. 06/06/1946 7th Burma
Plumley (MM) James Douglas 338823 2/Lieut. 17/01/1946 7th Burma
Phillips David Anthony Temple  253360 Lieut. 27/07/1944 7th Burma
Pullen Daniel John  229617 T/Capt. 14/02/1945 1st Operation Veritable
Reynolds John Deane 240286 Lieut. 13/01/1944  att. Italy
Rowley Frederick Alan  EC2773 Major 15/11/1945 2nd Burma
Steel Arthur Dale   2/Lieut. 20/08/1940 8th France and Belgium 
Scott Kenneth Mackenzie 121808  T/Major 19/04/1945 att. Burma
Spalding Irwin Stuart 186129 T/Capt. 12/07/1945 7th Burma
Smith A.   Lieut. 26/04/1945  att. Italy
Thomson Frederick Griffith 63720 T/Major 28/06/1945 7th Burma
Tooby Edward Reed Ward 64486 Major 06/06/1946 2nd Burma
Watt Thomas Edward  278079 Lieut. 27/07/1944  att. Burma

Lieut. W. O. Churchill was seconded to Special Operations Executive (1944/45 Operation Floodlight   [Italy]: political and military liaison mission consisting of WS/Captain W. O. Churchill, to act as British Liaison Officer to General Cadorna at the request of the CLNAI in northern Italy.)

Desmond Ronald Crampton Bailey was to attached to 2nd Bn. Worc. Regt. from Royal Fusiliers.
            Major S. K. Clover was attached from the Essex Regiment.
            Major B. R. N. Elder was attached from the Sherwood Forester Regiment.
            Lieutenant John Charles Buchan Ellis was attached to the 2/5th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment.
            Captain (T/Major) Anthony John Francis attached to the 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers.
            T/Major C. E. Garratt was attached to the South Staffordshire Regiment
            Major A. A. Grubb was attached from the Hampshire Regiment.
            Lieutenant Claude Angel Hershman was attached to 9th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.
            Lieutenant Arthur Frank Holyoake attached to 1st Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.
            Lieutenant (T/Captain)
Patrick Geoffrey Brian Martin-Smith attached Headquarters Special Operations.
            Lieutenant (T/Captain) Alexander Desmond Muirhead was attached to 1st Special Air Service Regt.
Archibald Menzies Ogilvie was Royal Army Medical Corps attached 2 Bn. Worcestershire Regt.
            T/Capt. Harold Parton was attached to the 7th Battalion from the South Staffordshire Regiment.
            Lieutenant (T/Captain) D. J. Pullen was attached from the Hampshire Regiment.
            Lieutenant J. D. Reynolds was attached to the Special Service Troops when he won his MC.
            T/Major K. M. Scott was attached to the Gold Coast Regiment.
            Lieutenant T. E. Watt of the 7th Battalion Worcestershire was attached to the Suffolk Regiment.
Malaya Emergency (1948-1960)
Men of the Worcestershire Regiment who awarded the Military Cross for action in Malaya.
Surname Forename/s No. Rank Gazette Battalion Engagement
Tyson Douglas Charles 408065 Lieut. 12/02/1952 1st Malaya