The Order of the British Empire (OBE)

The OBE award is the Officer class of the Order of the British Empire.  Usually awarded to army officer of the rank of Captain, Major or Lieut.-Colonel as a reward for their loyal service.  In some cases the OBE was awarded in stead of a gallantry award.

The Order of the British Empire was created during the First World War in 1917 by George V. The King recognised the necessity for a new award of honour which could be more widely awarded, in recognition of the large numbers of people in the British Isles and other parts of the Empire who were helping the war effort both as combatants and as civilians on the home front. For the first time, women were included in an order of chivalry, and it was decided that the Order should also include foreigners who had helped the British war effort.

From 1918 onwards there were Military and Civil Divisions, as George V also intended that after the war the Order should be used to reward services to the State, defined in a much wider sense to acknowledge distinguished service to the arts and sciences, public services outside the Civil Service and work with charitable and welfare organisations of all kinds. The Order of the British Empire is the order of chivalry of the British democracy.  Valuable service is the only criterion for the award, and the Order is now used to reward service in a wide range of useful activities. 
Worcestershire Officers who were awarded the OBE (Officer of this order)
The rank show in the table below is that which was held at the time the Order was awarded.

Worcestershire Regiment men who were awarded the OBE in World War 1
Surname Forename/s Rank Battalion Gazette (date)
Armitage,  D.S.O Charles Leathley Captain (Bt. Major) - 03/06/1919
Bowring,  D.S.O. Edward Langley Major (T/Lieut.-Col.) - 03/06/1919
Chesney Dennis Captain - 03/06/1919
Chichester Walter Raleigh Lieut.-Colonel - 03/06/1919
Cliff Arthur Captain - 03/06/1919
Cotton William Ernest Leslie Major - 01/01/1918
Davids Maurice Captain - 03/06/1919
Deakin Charles Bt. Major - 12/12/1919
Edwards Harry Melville Lieut.-Colonel - 03/06/1919
Edwards Walter B. Captain - 03/06/1919
Field Christopher Senior Captain att. Nigeria R., WAFF 03/06/1919
Fitzjohn Geoffrey N. Lieut.-Colonel - 01/01/1919
Gabb Samuel Alwyne T/Major - 01/01/1918
Guinness Owen Charles Captain - 03/06/1919
Harvey Frank Barrington Captain - 03/06/1919
Hopkins Percy Alfred Major (T/Lieut.-Col.) 16th 03/06/1919
Inwood, M.C. Charles Herbert Captain & Qmr. - 03/06/1919
James D. C. A/Major - 03/06/1919
Lambton,  D.S.O. George Charles Major (Bt. Lt.-Col.) - 03/06/1919
Leggett,  D.S.O. Robert Anthony Linington T/Lieut.-Colonel - 03/06/1919
Milward Harry Daires Lieut.-Colonel - 03/06/1919
Nelson James Ower Bt. Lieut.-Colonel - 01/01/1918
Peacocke Goodricke Thomas Lieut.-Colonel - 12/12/1919
Pearce Wallace George James Captain - 12/12/1919
Sallis Daniel Major & Qmr. - 03/06/1919
Stewart Charles Major (T/Lieut.-Col.) 16th 03/06/1919
Stokes-Roberts, M.C. Arthur Edward Captain - 05/05/1919
Tomkinson, M.C. Geoffrey Stewart A/Lieut.-Colonel - 01/01/1919
Urwick, M.C. Lyndall Fownes Major - 03/06/1919
Wheeler Edward Vincent Vashon Colonel - 07/06/1918
Worcestershire Regiment men who were awarded the OBE in World War 2


Forename/s No. Rank Gazette (date)
Bishop Leslie Arthur  90730  A/Lieut.-Colonel 02/08/1945
Glenn Maurice James 53969 T/Lieut.-Colonel 13/12/1945
Lee Rupert Henry Melville 8055 Lieut.-Colonel 19/10/1944
Milner John Theodore 13093 T/Lieut.-Colonel 01/01/1946
Wills Charles Pearce Germon 172 Major (T/Lieut.-Col.) 08/06/1944


Worcestershire Regiment men who were awarded the OBE at other times 
Surname Forename/s No. Rank Gazette (date)
Bryant Leslie George Hamlyn 10852 Lieut.-Colonel 10/06/1948
Gillmore Argyle Henry 33689 Lieut.-Colonel 08/06/1944
Tooby, M.C. Edward Reed Ward 64486 Lieut.-Colonel 31/12/1960
Ford Harry Edward Richard 11761 Lieutenant 09/06/1955
Cronin Derek Norrington 66597 Lieut.-Colonel 09/06/1955