The Kohima Memorial

This Memorial was unveiled by Field Marshal Sir William Slim, who was at the time commanding 14th Army in Burma.

It is made from once piece of solid stone which formed part of a Naga formation of stones similar, but smaller, than Stonehenge. These stones were situated on a Spur near the village of Maram, south of Kohima.

The 7th Battalion, supported by Tanks, M.M.G.'s and Artillery, captured the village and the spur after a battle lasting one day.

It was subsequently discovered from captured documents that the Japanese had been ordered to hold this position for ten days. The 75 m.m. gun which is in the Regimental Museum was captured during the action, the Japanese gunner being bayoneted by a member of the 7th Battalion.

The stone was with great difficulty, and with the assistance of the Naga Hillsmen, moved to its present site, at one end of the 2nd Division's War Cemetery. The Cemetery is situated on a commanding piece of ground at Kohima on the site, which was originally the District Commissioner's Bungalow.


2nd Division Memorial at Kohima

7th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment
Below is a list of all the 7th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment men who are remembered on this memorial.
Pte. L. Ballard.
Cpl. W. Bishop.
Capt. E. S. J. Brazier.
Sgt. T. Brookes.
Pte. J. Cheevers.
Sgt. G. Dawson.
Pte. F. Ellson.
Pte. J. Fradgeley.
Pte. C. Franklin.
L.-Cpl. K. Franklin.
Pte. E. Golga.
Pte. A. Goolding.
Cpl. J. Green.
Sgt. W. Gregory.
Pte. R. Hall.
C.S.M. A. Harcourt.
L.-Cpl. F. Hardeman.
Pte. W. Jackson.
Pte. L. Jelfs.
Cpl. J. Kibble.
Pte. J. Knott.
Cpl. C. Levy.
Pte. L. Lewis.
Pte. C. Locke.
L.-Cpl. J. Marsh.
Cpl. A. Morris.
Pte. J. Nock.
Cpl. J. Perkins.
Sgt. T. Pettyfor.
Pte. J. Pitt.
Pte. S. Pope (A.C.C.).
Pte. J. Riley, M.M.
Sgt. P. Saunders.
Sgt. L. Smith.
Pte. D. Spares.
Pte. J. Thompson.
Pte. C. Thornton.
Lieut. A. H. Watkins.
Pte. R. Watson.
Pte. L. White.
Pte. G. Williams.
Lieut. J. Woodward.

Sgt. Tommy Brookes
Killed in action 13th April 1944

The Military Cemetery as it was in 1945

CSM Arthur Hooper Harcourt (5248078) centre of photo
He was killed in action on the 9th May 1944 (age 34) whilst serving with the 7th Battalion
Photo submitted by Mrs Susan Marsh (his niece)

2nd Division Memorial at Kohima (1946)

Kohima War Cemetery (2009)
(Photo submitted by Mrs Susan Marsh niece of
CSM Arthur Hooper Harcourt)

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