Malaya and the Emergency (1950-53)
Glossary of Terms
1 Worc. R 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment
A.C.C. Army Catering Corps.
basha Temporary shelter (see page 17)
belukar Very dense secondary undergrowth
B.O.A.R. British Army On the Rhine
Bren Gun Light Machine Gun (.303 inch calibre)
Col. Colonel
Coy. Company
D.S.O Distinguished Service Order
Dyak Tribe from Borneo – used as trackers
F.A.R.E.L.F. Far East Land Forces
G.H.Q. General Headquarters
gunongs Limestone hills
H.Q. Headquarters
Iban Trackers from Borneo (headhunters)
kongsi Communal Chinese dwellings (clan-house)
lalang Tall coarse grass which often grows as high as eight feet
Lt. Lieutenant
M.B.E. Member of the Order of the British Empire
M.C. Military Cross
M.C..P. Malayan Communist Party
M.G. Machine Gun
Min Yuen Peoples Movement (Armed Work Force)
M.P.A.J.A. Malayan Peoples’ Anti-Japanese Army
M.R.L.A Malayan Races Liberation Army
N.C.O. Non-Commissioned Officer
O.B.E. Officer of the Order of the British Empire
Owen Gun Australian lightweight submachine gun (machine carbine)
padang Literally, “an open space “— in fact, a village green
Pl. Platoon
Pte. Private soldier
Q.M. Quartermaster
R.A. Royal Artillery
R.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps
R.A.O.C. Royal Army Ordnance Corps
S.55 Sikorsky transport helicopter
Sakai One of the aboriginal tribes of Malaya
Sampan Small Chinese river boat
Sjt. Sergeant (Serjeant)
Sten Gun Compact 9 mm lightweight submachine gun (32 rounds)