Norton Barracks (May 1987)
The following photos were taken of Norton Barrack in May 1987 just before the old barracks were demolished. The site was later sold by the M.O.D. to property developers. The area immediately to the west of the old "Farrington" and "Charlemont" blocks were developed by Wainhomes as an estate of some 46 detached houses, while Persimmon Homes built a further 60 houses.

The Worcestershire Norton Sports Club now own and are retaining the cricket ground, football pitch and ranges, plus the old Depot Sergeants Mess, which is used as a Club house.

All the photos below were submitted by Eric Underhill who served with the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from 1957 to 1960.

The Keep and entrance

The Keep

The parade square

Charlemont Block

Rear of Charlemont Block

View of Cookhouse

Ovens inside Cookhouse

Inside Cookhouse

On the left is the Gym building

Inside the Gym

Inside the Gym

Norton Barracks Chapel

Cycle sheds on the right

Corporals Mess

Rear of Gheluvelt block on the right

House quarters on the Barracks

 House quarters on the Barracks

 Farrington Block

 Barrack Hut

 Barrack Huts
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