Commanding Officers of the 2nd Battalion
On the outbreak of the War of the Spanish Succession in 1702, Lord Charlemont raised in Ulster a regiment which became Charlemont's Regiment of Foot. During the next forty-nine years this regiment had eleven different Colonels, and consequently eleven varying names.

In 1751, when numbered regiments were introduced, Charlemont's was numbered 36, and in 1781 it became the 36th (Herefordshire).

In 1881, on the amalgamation of the 29th (Worcestershire) and the 36th (Herefordshire) Regiments, the latter became the 2nd Battalion Regiment The Worcestershire Regiment.

On the 17th December 1948 the 2nd Battalion was disbanded (technically "amalgamated" with 1st Battalion).
Below is a list of all the officers who have commanded the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from 1702 to 1948.

(names with links are highlighted in Blue - others will be added later)



Surname Forename/s First Commissioned in to From To
Charlemont William Viscount   Jun. 1701 May 1706
Alnutt Thomas    May 1706 May 1708
Campbell (Earl of Ilay) Archibald 1st Foot Guards Mar. 1709 Oct. 1710
Desney Henry 1st Foot Guards Oct. 1710 Jul. 1715
Egerton William   Jul. 1715 Jul. 1719
Hotham Charles   Jul. 1719 Dec. 1720
Pocock John   Dec. 1720 Apr. 1721
Lenoe Charles   Apr. 1721 May 1732
Moyle John   May 1732 Jun. 1737
Bland Humphrey   Jun. 1737 Jan. 1741
Fleming James   Jan. 1741 Mar. 1751
Manners Robert Coldstream Guards Mar. 1751 Sep. 1765
Pierson Richard 1st Foot Guards Sep. 1765 Nov. 1778
St. John Henry Coldstream Guards Nov. 1778 Apr. 1818
Don George 51st Foot Apr. 1818 Dec. 1829
Sheaffe Roger Hale Fifth fusiliers Dec. 1829 Jul. 1851
Fitz-Clarence Frederick Coldstream Guards Jul. 1851 Oct. 1854
Scott William Henry Scots Fusilier Guards Oct. 1854 Nov. 1868
Brooke Edward Basil Royal Artillery Nov. 1868 Dec. 1868
Cunynghame Arthur Augustus Thurlow 60th Rifles Dec. 1868 Feb. 1876
Staveley Charles William Dunbar 87th Foot (Royal Irish Fusiliers) Feb. 1876 Jul. 1883
Parke William 72nd Foot Jul. 1883  


Mackenzie Alexander   May 1797 Jan. 1798
Burne Robert   Jan. 1798 1809
Hart George   Aug. 1804  
Cochrane Basil 7th Foot Oct. 1806 Oct. 1811
Davies Lewis   Jan. 1812  
Cross William 62nd Foot May 1816  
Hewitt George Henry 61st Foot Apr. 1824 Jun. 1827
Wyndham Charles 10th Light Dragoons June 1827 Jun. 1830
Nickle Robert 60th Foot Jun. 1830 Aug. 1834
Maxwell Archibald Montgomery Royal Artillery Aug. 1834 May 1845
Ashmore Charles 88th Foot May 1845  
Trollope Charles 17th Foot Nov. 1846 Apr. 1852
Hort John Josiah 61st Foot Feb. 1856 Dec. 1866
MacMahon Patrick William 81st Foot Dec. 1866 Apr. 1870
Hunter Fitzwilliam Frederick 47th Foot Apr. 1870 Dec. 1877
Carr Ralph Edward 39th Foot Dec. 1877 Jul. 1881
Lloyd Richard Barclay   Jul. 1881 Dec. 1886
Watson Robert John    Dec. 1886  Oct. 1889
de Berniere Henry John de Berniere 58th Foot Oct. 1889 Oct. 1893
Egerton John Francis   Oct. 1893  
Allen Francis Seymour Middlesex Rifle Volunteers   Dec. 1899
Coningham Charles 103rd Foot Dec. 1899 Feb. 1900
Hackett-Pain George William Queens Royal Regiment Feb. 1900  Feb. 1904
Ingouville-Williams Edward Charles The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) Mar. 1904 Mar. 1908
Hovell Hugh de Berdt Worcestershire Regiment Mar. 1908 Mar. 1913
Westmacott Claude Berners Worcestershire Regiment Mar. 1913 Sep. 1914
Hankey Edward Barnard Worcestershire Regiment Sep. 1914 Dec. 1914
Grogan George William St. George Worcestershire Regiment Dec. 1914 Jan. 1915
Bowring Edward L. Temporary took command Jan. 1915 Feb. 1915
Lambton George Charles Worcestershire Regiment Feb. 1915 May 1916
Stevens Leighton Marlow Worcestershire Regiment May 1916 Jul. 1916
Pardoe Thomas Kenyon Worcestershire Regiment Jul. 1916 Jul. 1917
Gogarty Henry Edward Royal Scots Fusiliers Jul. 1917 Nov. 1917
Dorman Leslie Claude Worcestershire Regiment Nov. 1917 Apr. 1918
Stoney Gerald Johnston Lipyeatt Worcestershire Regiment Apr. 1918 Apr. 1918
Pardoe Thomas Kenyon Worcestershire Regiment Apr. 1918 Jun. 1918
Stoney Gerald Johnston Lipyeatt Worcestershire Regiment Jun. 1918  
Badham John F. Worcestershire Regiment   Apr. 1919
Carr Henry Arbuthnot   1919  
Davidge Guy Mortimer Coleridge Worcestershire Regiment 1921 Nov. 1925
Dunlop Frank Passy Worcestershire Regiment Nov. 1925 Oct. 1929
Clarke Bowcher Campbell Senhouse Worcestershire Regiment Nov. 1929 Nov. 1933
Pelly John Henry Worcestershire Regiment Nov. 1933 Nov. 1937
Deakin Charles Worcestershire Regiment Nov. 1937 Nov. 1940
Hargreaves Percy Wentworth Worcestershire Regiment Nov. 1940 May 1943
Wilkinson Bernard Cautley K.O.Y.L.I. May 1943 Nov. 1943
Symes Bryant Gustavus Dorset Regiment Nov. 1943 Oct. 1945
Mander-Jones Geoffrey York and Lancs Oct. 1945 Mar. 1946
Knight John Oldham Worcestershire Regiment May 1946 Sep. 1946
Ramsay Frank Stewart Worcestershire Regiment Nov. 1946 Sep. 1947