Commanding Officers of the 7th Battalion
Successive schemes and experiments continued until 1906/1907, when the movement for reform finally bore fruit in the measures by which Lord Haldane framed the new military system.  The forces of the country were reorganised into three main groups—the forces overseas, the Expeditionary Force and the Territorial Force, the latter being enlisted for home defence and formed on the cadre of the old Yeomanry and Volunteers.
Responsibility for home defence was entrusted to the new Territorial Force, which was organised into permanent Brigades and Divisions on the pattern of the Regular Army, so as to provide a force able to take the field against an invasion.  That recognition of the value of the Volunteer units was marked by a new designation, and the two Volunteer Battalions of the County were entitled the 7th and 8th Battalions of the Worcestershire Regiment.  Orders were given that the renumbered Territorial Battalions were in future to wear the same uniform and badges and to carry the same Colours (but it was not until after the World War 1 that the Territorial Battalions displayed on their Colours the Regimental Battle Honours) as the Regular Battalions.

At the time of the Haldane reorganization, the command of the 7th Worcestershire was held by Colonel E. V. V. Wheeler.

1914 (September) 2/7th Battalion formed at Kidderminster.
1915 (January) 2/7th Battalion attached to 2nd Gloucester and Worcester Brigade, 2nd South Midland Division.

1915 (April) 3/7th Battalion formed at Worcester.
1915 (May) 1/7th Battalion became part of 144th Brigade, 48th Division.

1916 (April) 3/7th Battalion became 7th (Reserve) Battalion on 8th April 1916.
1916 (October) 7th Reserve Battalion (3/7th) absorbed the 8th Reserve Battalion (3/8th).

1918 (February) 2/7th Battalion disbanded in France (6th February 1918).

1919 (April) Kidderminster: 1/7th Battalion was disembodied (2nd April 1919).

Battalion was disbanded on the 1st April 1967.
Below is a list of all the officers who have commanded the 7th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from 1908 to 1967.

(names with links are highlighted in Blue - others will be added later)

Surname Forename/s First Commissioned in to From To
Wheeler Edward Vincent Vashon Worcestershire Regiment Apr. 1908 1910
Garratt John Whitmore Worcestershire Regiment 1910 1914
Harman A. R. Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) 1914 1917
Tomkinson Francis Martin Worcestershire Regiment 1917 1922
Du Sautoy Edward Francis Sherwood Foresters 1922 1928
Elkington Christopher Garrett Gloustershire Regiment 1928 May 1932
Prescott William Ralph Worcestershire Regiment May 1932 Nov. 1936
Edwards Robert Harry Worcestershire Regiment Nov. 1936 Sep. 1939
Parkes John Worcestershire Regiment Sep. 1939 Jun. 1940
Molloy Thomas Prince Lloyd Dorset Regiment Jun. 1940 Oct. 1941
Cavendish Ronald Valentine Cecil Sherwood Foresters Oct. 1941 Aug. 1942
O'Brien-Twohig Joseph Patrick Royal Inniskillings Aug. 1942 Nov. 1942
Versfeld Edwin Francis Stanley Worcestershire Regiment Nov. 1942 Mar. 1944
Stocker Alonzo John South Wales Borderers Mar. 1944 May 1944
Brierley John Buckley Worcestershire Regiment May 1944 Jun. 1944
Street Charles Arthur South Staffordshire Jun. 1944 Feb. 1945
Irvine Thomas Alexander Cameronians Feb. 1945 Aug. 1945
Brierley John Buckley Worcestershire Regiment Aug. 1945 Oct. 1945
Stotherd Sidney Hugh Curwen Cheshire Regiment Nov. 1945 Jan. 1947
Bolland Thomas Arthur William Royal Irish Fusiliers Jan. 1947 Feb. 1947
Lattey Henry James Cumming Worcestershire Regiment Mar. 1947 Jun. 1951
Cronin Derrick Norrington Worcestershire Regiment Jun. 1951 May 1955
Nott Arthur Harley Worcestershire Regiment May 1955 Apr. 1958
Tooby Edward Reed Ward Worcestershire Regiment Apr. 1958 Mar. 1961
Hamilton Russel Ernest Cheshire Regiment Mar. 1961 Mar. 1964
Bannister John Wilson Worcestershire Regiment Mar. 1964 Mar. 1967