Colonel Edward Martin BUCK, M.C., T.D.
Commanded the 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from January 1935 to January 1939.
Born in Worcester in 1887. He joined the 8th Battalion in 1908 as a Private Soldier, but was transferred to the Royal Fusiliers during the First World War. In 1917 he was commissioned in the Royal Fusiliers as a 2/Lieutenant. It was while serving with them that he was awarded the M.C. for distinguished bravery (London Gazette 18th July 1917). His citation read:

"For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in rallying and leading to the attack his company after all the other officers had been killed. Having arrived at his objective, he held it for several hours with both flanks exposed. He showed a splendid example or resource and a complete contempt for danger."

He continued to serve with the Royal Fusiliers until he was demobilized as a Lieutenant in 1919.

Colonel Buck rejoined the 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment as a Lieutenant in 18th February 1925. He was promoted to Captain and on the 1st April 1930 was promoted to Major. He was eventually promoted to Lieut.-Colonel to command the 8th Battalion on the 26th January 1935. 

Colonel E. M. Buck, M.C., T.D.

On the 26th January, 1939, Lieut.-Colonel E. M. Buck, M.C., was made Brevet Colonel and handed over the command of the 8th Battalion to Lieut.-Colonel J. Johnstone. 

During Colonel Buck's period of command, the Battalion gained in strength and efficiency. After retirement his services were rewarded by his promotion to Brevet-Colonel.

Colonel Buck was one of the first to come forward when the L.D.V. was formed in 1940. He was a keen supporter of anything Regimental and, although in poor health, he was present at the Regimental Reunion on 6th July 1946.

Colonel Buck died at Worcester, on 2nd September 1946, age 58.