Lieut.-Colonel The Hon. Basil COCHRANE
Commanded the 36th Regiment of Foot (1st Battalion) from October 1808 to October 1811
(became 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in 1881)


The Hon. Basil Cochrane entered the army as lieutenant in 7th Foot, his commission bearing date 29th of July 1795. On 17th of September 1799, he was promoted captain in the Fourth foot, and on 25th of May 1803, transferred to the 72nd Foot. On 10th of March 1804, he was promoted major in the 96th Foot, and on 9th of October 1806, lieutenant-colonel in 36th Foot.

On 5th of March 1811, he landed at Lisbon in command of the first battalion 36th Foot, and commanded that battalion at the battle of Fuentes-d'Onor, where, however, it was not actively engaged, being ordered to defend an important pass which the enemy did not venture to attack.

On the 11th of May 1811, he, with about half of the first battalion 36th Regiment and a small party of the 4th Regiment, endeavoured to cut off the retreat of the garrison of Almeida, and inflicted heavy loss upon them, but few of the enemy managing to escape. His conduct on this occasion, however, was censured by Lord Wellington as imprudent.

On 13th October 1811, he returned to England on account of his health. Whilst on leave of absence, he took part, under his brother Lord Cochrane, in the destruction of the French fleet in Basque Roads, and was mentioned in despatches.

He was promoted brevet-colonel on the 4th of June 1814.

He died on the 14th May 1816.