Colonel George Henry HEWITT
Commanded the 36th Regiment of Foot (1st Battalion) from April 1824 to June 1827.
(became 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in 1881)


George Hewitt entered the army as Ensign in the 61st Foot, his commission being dated 12th of June 1806. On 18th of December of same year he was promoted to a Lieutenancy in the 4th Garrison Battalion, and on 1st of January 1807, he was transferred to 84th Foot. He was transferred to the 8th Light Dragoons in 1808, and on 12th of April 1810, he was promoted to the rank of Captain, and posted to the 4th Ceylon Regiment. On 19th of July of same year he was transferred to 22nd Foot, and on 18th June 1812, he was promoted to the rank of Brevet-Major.

On 27th of December 1820, he was promoted to the rank of Major, and on 26th of June 1823, he was promoted Lieutenant-Colonel (unattached list).

On 29th of April 1824, he was transferred to the 36th Foot, and on 28th of June 1827, he was again passed to the unattached list. On 28th of June 1838, he was promoted Brevet-Colonel.

He died on 20th of May, 1862.