Colonel George W. LEWIS
Commanded the 4th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment from 1908 to February 1912.
Commanded the 1st (Reserve) Garrison Battalion Worcestershire from Jan. 1916 to Feb. 1919.

Colonel Lewis was commissioned into the 2nd Battalion while they were stationed in Jersey in 1880. On promotion to Captain, he commanded "G" Company in which the subalterns were Lieut.-Colonel Sir John Reddie and the late Colonel H. J. Bartholomew. He commanded "G" Company throughout the South African War and was mentioned in despatches (London Gazette, 10th September 1901).

He was made Brevet Lieut.-Colonel on the 31st October 1902.

Colonel Lewis subsequently went to the 4th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment who were at Bareilly, India, which he commanded from 1908 to 1912. On completion of his period in command he retire from the army on the 17th February 1912.

On the 1st September 1914 he returned to the army to command commanded the 1st Birmingham battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, until the 7th October 1915.

He then commanded the 1st (Reserve) Garrison Battalion Worcestershire Regiment at home until he retired on the 7th February 1919.

He had a keen sense of humour and loved an occasional tilt with those in authority. An Irishman, he retired to Dublin, where he lived until his death.

Colonel Lewis died at the Dublin Hospital on the 30th January 1951, age 90.

Colonel G. W. Lewis