Submitted Photographs

The page contains photographs which have been kindly submitted by visitors to this website and other people who have an interest in the Worcestershire Regiment.

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Officers of 1st Bn Worcesters - Harrow on 1st Jan 1943

Band of the 2nd Bn Worcesters (c. 1935)

Major Everard (1880)

Sgt. G. E. Green, M.M,

L/Cpl. C. Rooke M.M.

Drum Major

2nd Battalion B Company Sialkot, India (late 1939)

1st Bn Worcestershire in Dublin (1907)

Pte B. Roughton (1916)

Band boy 2nd Bn (c. 1910)

Officers 2/8th Bn 1915

Jack Dennick

Men of the Worcestershire Regiment (c. 1914)

52nd Platoon, Z Company, 23rd ITC,  Norton Barracks  May 1946

L/Cpl W. E. Lawrence

RSM H. Wheeler (India) 

Capt. Hogden (1890)

Harry Dennick

Band of  2nd Battalion Worcesters (c. 1911)

'A' Company, 2nd Bn Worcs Regt (c. 1911)

Pte. Harry Potter (1939)

Pte T. D. Allen (1940)

Colonel Gill D.S.O.

Pte J. Perkins

Men of the 11th Battalion on a road in England (1940)

Col. Graves-Morris - Gale Cup 1952

L/Cpl. George Gadd (1914)

L/Cpl. Gadd wedding 1915

Captain L. A. Carleton

Sgt. E. S. Hickman

Machine Gun Section, 2nd Bn Worcesters (1914)

Norton Barracks, Guardroom (1954)

Sgt. Maj. George Hudson

Bert Jelfs (8th Battalion)

Cpl. R. Caines (1943)

Major Prendergast

Men of the 8th Battalion Worcestershire (1914-15)

Sgt. Len Carleton (Shanghai in 1935)

Pte. George Hayes (1935)

Pte. Ralph (Bob) Greaves

Pte. L. Adams (1944)

Pte. L. Adams

Band of the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire (c. 1913)

Men of 1st Bn Worcs. Regt. (c. 1931)

Company of Depot. Staff at Norton Barracks (1936)

3 brothers in the Worcesters (c. 1914)

1st Bn Worcester men in Penang, Malaya (1951/52)

2nd Bn NCO's - Staff Sgt. Perkins (c.1914)

Signallers of 1st Bn Worcesters, Meerut, India  (c. 1926)

HQ 29 British Brigade (India, 1947)

A Troop of Worcestershire Regiment men of WW1

RSM A. C. Foden - Bisley, Surrey (1952/53)

Sergeants of the 1st Bn Worcestershire Regt. (c. 1962)

Group of wounded soldiers (1914)

Norton Depot Tug of War Team (1950's)

Sergeants Mess, Norton Barracks (c. 1905)

Pte Niels Peter Madsen (left) Oswestry  1946

Norton Barracks in the 1950's

Worcestershire Regiment men WW1

Men of "B" Company, 7th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment (WW1)

2nd Bn Worcesters - Rawalpindi, India (1939)

Don Dennick (5251329)

No. 2 Group HQ Wing (1924)

Postcard used by Worcesters in WW1

Platoon in training at Norton Barracks in 1955

Corporal Mess at Norton Barracks (1956)

Lieut.-Col. Deakin, Sialkot, India, 1940

Lieut. Peter Roose, Waziristan, India, 1940

Group in France WW1

Pte. Alfred Charles Hill M.M.

Private Alfred Charles Hill in the trenches

Private Ted Allen

Private Frederick Wilson Tullett

Private Frederick Wilson Tullett

Officers of the 11th Battalion (1941)

Hip Flask of L/Cpl. W. Whiting

Private Arthur Taylor

Sgt. Spicer and Pte. Alfred Hill M.M.

Troop of WW1 Worcestershire Regt. men

Pte. G. Fenton

Pte. David Thomas (POW Group)

Letter to Pte. David Thomas

River Guard at Hankow (1934)

Shanghaihuan Rifle Range
2nd Battalion HQ Wing (July 1935)

Worcestershire Platoon (1936)

Allahabad 1929

Pte. James Alfred Butler

Pte. Charles Bonner

L/Cpl. Wilfred Slater and Pal

Sgt. Jack Jones

Cup Winners (Pte. James Alfred Butler)

Pte. James Alfred Butler and Friend

Private Thomas James Kirkaldy

L/Cpl. Reginald Mobberley

L/Cpl. Wilfred Slater (Palestine)

Pte. C. J. Bryan

Sgt. Robert Edward Jones

Pte. E. J. Toy

Private Charles Handley (1940)

CSM William Silvester

Norton Barracks (1929)

7th Battalion Colour Party 1950

Tenby, North Wales 1950 (CSM W. Silvester)

William Silvester (Sudan 1940)

1st Battalion (Berlin 1948)

1st Battalion Signals Platoon (1948)

7th Battalion Officers (1950)

Lieut. A. G. Wormington

Training Company at Llanbedr (1950)

7th Battalion Sergeants Mess (1949)

2nd Battalion Colours (1947)

Pte. John (Jack) Jones

7th Battalion Officers (August 1948)

Pte. Joseph Payne

Pte. Joseph Payne

12th Battalion men (1941)

L/Cpl. Frederick Tullett

Pte. Joseph William Greatrex

Private William Watson

Cpl. George Walker (Militia)

13th Battalion, 'K' Company, Section 2

Pte. Stephen Oram (4th Battalion)

1st Battalion - Gottingen, Germany (1949)

Cpl. Roy F. Bagguley (1949)

Pte. Frank Cecil Needs

Pte. Frank Cecil Needs scroll

Sgt. Frederick Hart (1935)

Pte. Albert Thomas Lampitt

L/Cpl. William Leonard Wilkins

Pte. Leonard Pugh

Private William Gamble

L/Cpl. Louis Henry Sparrow

Pte. John Henry Morris

Lieut. C. B. Hollerton

Colour Sergeant C. Ham

Sgt. Frederick Goodwin

                                       Pte. Harold E. Jones

Pte. George Ernest Baldry

POW's at Gardelegen Camp (Sgt. G. V. Huzzey, M.M.)

Sgt. G. V. Huzzey, M.M.

Pte. H. J. Whittall - Millbrook, Plymouth

Private Andrew Downes

Pte. Walter Leslie Eacock

Pte. William James Sampson

Private Thomas Wilson Phillips

Pte. George Ernest Walter George

1st Bn. Mortar Platoon - Gottingen, Xmas 1949

South Barracks, Gibraltar (1989)

14th Battalion men - France 1917/18

Pte. Thomas Merritt

A/Sgt. Reginald Lewis Isaac

Worcester Volunteer

                         FIRM Star Badge stained glass

Pte. George Charles Jones

Sgt. D. I Price (1937)

Sgt. D. I. Price (1943)

C.Q.M.S. Thomas Griffin (1939)

Pte. Edward Holl (1880-83)

CSM Thomas William Russon

Pte. William John Brown (1915)

A/Sgt. Percival John Dart

Pte. Walter Henry Woodhouse

Pte. William Newey

Pte. John Edward Newey

Pte. William Henry Dixey

RQMS Harold David Little

Singapore 1953 - 1st Battalion sergeants

Pte. Harry Jones

Pte. Reginald John Edwards M.M.

Drummer W. H. Dowse

Pte. John Harrison (on the far left)

Capt. Charles Edward Hackett

Pte. John Harrison (on the far right)

Pte. Alfred Coldicott

Pte. F. L. Richardson

Pte. F. J. Harris

Pte. F. L. Richardson

Sgt. Hammond (watch)

Pte. Joseph Raybould

Pte. Joseph Raybould (Letter)

                             Sgt. Joseph Henry Young

Sgt. C. H. Pountney

Sgt. W. T. Finnemore and other Sergeants

Cpl. C. H. Pountney

Pte. J. Clewley M.M. - 10 Battalion Group

L/Cpl. Charles Richards DCM

Private Edward John Ray

Pte. A. Nock

Pte. William Comber (in 1896)

Pte. William Comber (in 1914)

Pte. T. Hodgkiss - 5th Battalion (1915)

Pte. Edward Coates

2nd Battalion Machine Gunners (1914)

L/Sgt. R. G. Harris

Pte. Sydney Lee

RQMS F. A. Howles

1st Battalion Worcestershire Regt. Band (1965)

Sgt. F. B. Birch M.M.

WO R. H. Fowler

WO R. H. Fowler

Pte. Charles Thomas Porter

Pte. Percy Clifford Wright

Pte. Thomas Edward Jones

Cpl. Joseph Griffiths

RQMS George Cusack

Pte. Harry Parsons

Pte. Horace Perks

Pte. Frank Allen

Pte. William Hancox (seated left)

Pte. John Frederick Stuart

Army Camp Guard - Malaya 1951

Pte. Bryan Evans

1st Battalion Colours - Malaya 1951

1st Battalion Convoy - Malaya 1951

Byran Evans, Les and Stan - Malaya 1951

Lieut. James Frederick Purdy

11th Battalion Group (1915)

Colour Sergeant Jack Buckley

Serg. Ronald George Palmer (centre)

Pte. Edward William

Cpl. George Francis Wiggett

Ronald George Palmer

Colour Sergeant James Carroll

Pte. Joseph Collis Maskall

Pte. George Thomas Stevens (KIA)

Pte. Henry Sheppard (KIA)

Sgt. Charlie Turton (1908)

Sgt. Charlie Turton and family (1918)

Major C. A. Hexter-Stabbins