Captain William Leefe Robinson, V.C. - His Medals

After the death of  Captain William Leefe Robinson, V.C. his Victoria Cross was passed on to his sister Katherine Baroness Heyking and after her death was passed on to her daughter Regina (Mrs. Regina G. Libin). Strangely, his other Great War medals were in the hands of another private individual (Roy Bartlett). On the 22nd November 1988 all the medals and other memorabilia were brought together at Christie's in London. Mrs. Regina G. Libin, Robinson's niece, auctioned all the medals and memorabilia and raised 99,000 on behalf of 'A Medal for Life' a charitable trust to benefit Children suffering from Leukaemia.

Robinson's 1914-15 Star


Today Captain William Leefe Robinson, V.C. is part of Michael Ashcroft Collection together with Robinson's other medals and relics of the Zeppelin he shot down. Lord Ashcroft set up a trust to care for and protect the 142 V.C.'s which he has in his collection, which is the largest collection in the world.

In 2006 Lord Michael Ashcroft wrote and published a book "Victoria Cross Heroes" about the V.C. and his collection. Details of his book and his collection are available from
William Leefe Robinson V.C. is featured in the book.

William Leefe Robinson "Death Penny"