Worcestershire Regiment - War Diaries

Army war diaries provided a daily record of operations, intelligence reports and other events, kept for each battalion by an appointed junior officer.  One copy was sent into the War Office, and is now in the PRO at Kew. 
Other copies were kept by the unit, and may now be with the regimental records at their Regimental HQ or at Regimental Museums.

Some war diaries may be difficult to read. Many in World War 1 were scribbled hastily in pencil. Others are the second carbon copy of the original. For World War 2 many are in typed format so easier to read.  Most war diaries use obscure abbreviations which also make them difficult to understand to the untrained reader.

Example page from the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment war diary (September 1944)

1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in North West Europe 1944-1945 click here for transcript