1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment - War Diary 1944-1945

This section gives details of the 1st Battalion War Diary in North West Europe June 1944 to May 1945.  This section provides a full transcript of the war diary and for ease of viewing has been split by month.  It covers the period from the 1st June 1944 when the Battalion was at camp at Heathfield in training and finishes on the 31st May 1945, after the war had ended.

During this period the 1st Battalion was commanded by 7 officers:
Lieut.-Colonel A. R. Harrison from 1st June to 6th August 1944 (evacuated to hospital sick).
Lieut.-Colonel R. E. Osborne-Smith from 7th August to 18th November 1944 (evacuated with leg wounds).
Major R. C. Thompson from 19th November to 26th November 1944 (posted on the 1st December 1944).
Lieut.-Colonel A. W. Vickers from 26th November 1944 to 7th February 1945 (admitted to hospital).
Lieut.-Colonel M. R. J. Hope-Thomson from 7th February 1945 to 22nd April 1945 (admitted to hospital)
Lieut.-Colonel A. A. Grubb from 22nd April to 27th April 1945 (evacuated injured).
Major G. G. Reinhold from 28th April to 30th April 1945.
Lieut.-Colonel M. R. J. Hope-Thomson from 1st May to 31st May 1945.

In dug-out officer in the centre writing up war diary

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