1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment - War Diary September 1944

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September 1944

Commanding Officer: Lieut.-Colonel R. E. Osborne-Smith

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
PRESSAGNY L'ORGUEILIEUX 1   Bn in Rest Area after SEINE Battle.  
  2   Voluntary Church Parades in Camp Grounds and afterwards C.O. and Coy Comds had Conference.  
  3   Div Comds address to all ranks giving full details of our previous operation and congratulates the Div on its fine achievements.  Afterwards he held an investiture in which the citations of Maj. Gutch M.C. and Sjt. Stupple M.M. were read but neither were present, both having been evacuated wounded.  
  9   Bn still at PRESSAGNY and liberty trips organised to PARIS.  
  10   Voluntary Church Parades in Camp Area.  
  14   Orders received for quick move to BELGIUM.  
  15 07.00 Bn moved off and at 21.45 hrs reached BRAIN-LE-COMTE and bivouaced for night.  
BELGIUM 16 07.45 Bn moved off and after an uneventful trip arrived at LUMMEN near DIEST where Bn bivouaced.  
LUMMEN 17   Bn awaiting orders to move to Concentration Area ready for dash into HOLLAND - Bn at 2 hrs notice.  
LUMMEN 18 07.00 Recce Party moved off.  Orders received and Bn moved at 15.00 hrs to Conc. Area 3383 (S.W. of HECHTEL).  
3383 19   Bn at 2 hours notice from 14.00 hrs.  
  20 18.00 Bn Commenced move through HOLLAND.  The convoy travelled throughout the night at full speed, although there were enemy on both sides of the road we had no real incidents.  By first light Bn had passed through EINDHOVEN and reached ST. ODENRODE when convoy halted for approx. 1 hour.  
  21   Moved to Conc. area South of NIJMEGEN (14.00 hrs) meanwhile C.O. attended "O" Gp at 214 Bde and told of 1st Airborne Div. in grave difficulties owing to shortage of arm.  Decided that 214 Bde cross river at NIJMEGEN and one Bn to take DUKWS loaded with supplies.  All this was very hastily prepared but no move for us that day.  Bn concentrated near the river and spent a fairly quiet night.  
  22   Bn at 10 mins notice to move as from 12.30 hrs.  
  22 18.00 Move began to VALBURG 6670, arriving there 21.30 hrs.  No opposition en route but enemy contacted by Coys whilst deploying to posns.  
VALBURG 23   Orders received for attack on ELST 7070 in conjunction with 7 Som. L.I.   Cross roads at VALBURG were continuously being shelled during morning and afternoon causing a number of casualties.  Bn left VALBURG at 16.30 hrs.  6 Ps. W.  10 SS Pz Regt.  1 Tiger Tank knocked out.  
Area ELST 24   Continuous fighting for ELST.  Enemy still in eastern end of village at night.  B.H.Q. at 685708.  
Area ELST 25   Coys in Western end of ELST.  "O" Gp held.  1 Coy to seize control of rd junc. 688716.  1 Coy to seize control of X rds and rly junc. 7072.  Latter objective not achieved and Coy dug in at 700725.  
Area ELST 26   Bn. H.Q. 685708.  Orders received that Bn would be relieved by 4 Som. L.I. and at 13.30 hours "R" Group left for new area at ANDELST 6169.  
  26 18.00 Bn arrived at ANDELST Bn. H.Q. 621687.  
Area ANDELST 27 13.00 Orders received that Bn would be in readiness to assist 7 Som. L.I. if necessary, enemy having been located in their area.  Bn formed up on road ready to move and "C" Coy sent forward.  Orders cancelled later and Bn. moved back to original posns.  
Area ANDELST 28   Bn. H.Q. 621876 when orders received to relieve 7 Som. L.I.  3 Coys in area RANDWIJK.  Bn. H.Q. 608726 (ZETTEN).  Relief completed by 21.00 hrs. Field Returns
d/d 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th.
RANDWIJK 29   Own arty active throughout the day, Mortar shoot at night.  
  30   Orders received that 7 Som. L. I. would relieve us by 19.00 hrs.
Bn. taking over posns of 7 Som. L.I. in area South of ZETTEN.
Bn. H.Q. at ZETTEN & ANDELST Rly Station.  Relief completed and Coys settled in by 21.45 hrs.
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