Brigadier-General Sir Charles HOTHAM, Bart.
Colonel of the 36th Regiment of Foot (became 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in 1881)
Appointed Colonel on 7th July 1919 to 1st December 1720


Charles Hotham, eldest son of the Reverend Charles Hotham, rector of Wigan, succeeded to the baronetcy on the death of his uncle in 1691. He served with distinction in the wars of King William and also under the great Duke of Marlborough in the reign of Queen Anne.

In 1705 he obtained the colonelcy of a regiment of infantry, with which he proceeded to Spain in 1706, and was in garrison at Alicant when the unfortunate battle of Almanza was fought. Sir Charles Hotham served with reputation during the remainder of the war; but his regiment, having suffered severely in the defence of several fortified towns, was disbanded in Catalonia in 1708.

He was appointed Brigadier-General on the 1st of January 1710, and shortly after the accession of King George I. he was commissioned to raise a regiment of infantry, which, after the suppression of the rebellion of the Earl of Mar in 1716, was sent to Ireland, and disbanded in the following year. Sir Charles Hotham was afterwards appointed Colonel of a newly raised regiment of dragoons, which was disbanded in November 1718.

On the 7th of July 1719, the colonelcy of the 36th Regiment of Foot was conferred on Sir Charles Hotham; he was removed to the 8th or King's Regiment of Foot in December 1720, and in April following to the Royal Dragoons.

He died on the 8th of January 1723.