General William Henry SCOTT
Colonel of the 36th Regiment of Foot (became 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in 1881)
Appointed Colonel on 31st October 1854 to 9th November 1868


William Henry Scott entered the service on the 27th of October 1805, as Ensign in the Scots Fusilier Guards. In 1808 he proceeded to the Peninsula, and was present with the Scots Fusilier Guards at the passage of the Douro on 12th of May 1809, the capture of Oporto, and subsequent pursuit of Soult's army.

He was engaged at the battle of Talavera in July 1809, on which occasion he was wounded through the body; and being left in hospital upon the retreat of the army was afterwards made prisoner. On the issuing of the Peninsula war medals in 1848, he received a medal with a clasp for Talavera.

On 28th of March 1811, he was promoted to Lieutenant and Captain in the Scots Fusilier Guards, and advanced to Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel 5th of July 1815. He was appointed Brevet-Colonel in the army on 10th January 1837, and Major and Colonel in his regiment on 11th of August 1837. On 23rd November 1841, he was appointed to the command of the Scots Fusilier Guards, which he held until 31st of December 1844, when he was placed on half-pay.

He was promoted to the rank of Major-General on 9th of November 1846, and Lieutenant-General 20th June 1854.

On 31st of October 1854, he was appointed Colonel of the 36th Regiment, and advanced to the rank of General in the army on 23rd of March 1861.

He died at Brighton on 9th of November 1868, holding the Colonelcy of the Regiment.