Worcestershire Regiment Men - Absent Voters List 1918-1919

In February 1918 an Act of Parliament allowed service men to register so that they could vote in their home constituency. A deadline of 18th August 1918 was set and a list was compiled from applications up to that date and the list was published on 15th October 1918.

Later a second opportunity to register was offered and a deadline was set of 18th February 1919. The list which resulted from applications received during this second wave was published in April 1919.

The absent voters lists were prepared by the local Electoral Registrar and were published twice a year, as were the general electoral registers. They were published as separate volumes to the main electoral registers.

For each index the following information was given; name, parish, service number, location, page number, and date if relevant.

The index of names provided here covers the regions of Worcester, Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Bewdley, Evesham and Bromsgrove.

In the NOTES section additional information is added.


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