Timeline of movements (11th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment)

1914 (September) 11th Battalion formed (as part of 78th Brigade, 26th Division).
1914 (November) Barbourne, England.
1915 (April) Norton Barracks, Worcester, England.
1915 (July) Long-bridge Deverill, England.
1915 (September) Foudrinoy, France.
1915 (October) River Somme, France.
1915 (November) Alexandria (only for 2 days).
1915 (November) Lembet Camp, Salonika, Macedonia.
1916 (August) Chuguntsi, Macedonia.
1916 (October) Mamelon, Macedonia.
1916 (December) Chuguntsi, Macedonia.
1917 (March) Jumeaux Ravine, Macedonia.
1917 (April) Pivoines, Macedonia.
1917 (April) Jumeaux Ravine (Battle of Doiran), Macedonia.~
1917 (May) Pivoines, Macedonia.
1917 (June) Bekirli, Macedonia.
1917 (July) Kirec, Macedonia.
1917 (August) River Vardar, Macedonia.
1917 (December) Cidemli, Macedonia.
1918 (March) River Vardar, Macedonia.
1918 (September) Strumitza, Macedonia.
1918 (October) Bulgaria.
1918 (December) Dobric, Bulgaria.
1919 (May) The Caucasus (now joined the 27th Division).
1919 (June) Tiflis (now formed part of the 82nd Brigade).
1919 (June/July) Gori
1919 (September) Haidar Pasha (Bosphorus), Turkey.
1919 (30th September) The 11th Battalion was amalgamated in to the 9th Battalion Worcestershire.

Colonel R. M. Rainev-Robinson C.B.