Shako Plates

The first Shako Plates were introduced in 1800 and were initially of a standard pattern for all Line Regiments, this later changed when Regiments stated to use their own devices on the Shako Plate. Below are some examples of the different shako plates used by the regiment dating from 1803 to 1881.

Worcester Volunteers Shako Plate (1803-1815)

This Shako Plate was used by the Worcester Volunteers and was made od thin stamped brass.

Worcester Volunteers (Light Company) Shako Plate (1803-1815)

This Shako Plate was used by the Light Company of the Worcester Volunteers. Note the central devise is a stringed bugle.

Worcester Militia Shako Plate (1855-1862)

Worcester Militia officers' used this gilt pattern star. The Garter was replaced with a circled inscribed 'WORCESTER MILITIA' and in the centre the a silver Tower on a domed background. From 1862 to 1878 the circlet was replaced with a Garter below which was a scroll with 'WORCESTER'.

Worcestershire Rifle Volunteers Shako Plate (1859-1861)

This shako plate was one worn by officers' of the Worcestershire Rifles. In place of a Garter, a circled inscribed with the word 'WORCESTERSHIRE RIFLES'. In the centre a Pear Tree, which was used by the Volunteers from 1859 to 1908. Surrounding the circle was a wreath of oak leaves. The soldiers shako was identical in but bronzed.

Worcestershire Rifle Volunteers Shako Plate (1861-1878)

This shako plate was worn by officers of the Worcestershire Rifle Volunteers from 1861 to 1878. Note the pear tree in the centre surrounded by a laurel wreath. The silver star can also be seen behind the pear tree. This type of shako was worn until the adoption of helmets in 1878.

29th Regiment Shako Plate (1861-1869)

This shako plate was first introduced in 1861 for all ranks below Major. This example which is gilded was worn by soldiers of the 29th Foot Regiment between 1861 to 1869. A similar Shako plate with the number 36 in the centre was used by men of the 36th Foot during the same period.

29th Regiment Shako Plate (1869-1881)

On the 1st June 1869 an entirely new design of the shako plate was authorised consisting of a Garter with a solid centre piece with the regimental number, surrounded by a laurel wreath, at the top was the Imperial Crown. Although the shako was superseded in 1878 by the helmet, in India the regiment retained the shako until 1881.

36th Regiment Shako Plate (1869-1881)

Identical in design to the 29th Regiment this was also adopted by the officers' of the 36th in 1869. The soldiers shako plate was the same design but of brass in place of gilt. This plate was used until 1878 at which time the shako was replaced by the cloth helmet.