How the Worcesters Save the Day: Gheluvelt

Gheluvelt Published by Worcestershire County Council
ISBN 1-902185-00-5
Published 1915

How the Worcesters Save the Day’. Produced by the Worcestershire County Council commemorating the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment’s charge at Gheluvelt in the First Battle of Ypres, 31st October 1914 when, with the 1st Battalion South Wales Borderers, they bridged the gap and held the line against the German move towards Ypres. First published in 1915.

The crisis of the Battle of Ypres hinged around the village of Gheluvelt. Lying on a forward spur of the low ridge that covers the town of Ypres, Gheluvelt was the last point retained in British hands from which the enemy’s line could be dominated.

Over 100 of the Battalion were killed or wounded but the rest pushed on and, increasing their speed as they came to the downward slope in sight of Gheluvelt, made the final charge through hedges and on to the Chateau grounds.

Here they met the remnants of the South Wales Borderers who had made a heroic stand. The meeting was unexpected, for the Worcestershires had believed no soldiers were left. The 2nd Worcestershires had gone into this action with about 370 men of whom 187 were killed or wounded. Gheluvelt had been saved and the line restored. It is rare that the action of one unit can exert such a profound influence as did this now famous counter attack.

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