General Gordon Forbes

Appointed Colonel of the 29th Regiment of Foot on the 8th August 1797.

Gordon Forbes of the Forbes of Skellator, in Aberdeenshire, was born in 1738.

Appointed Ensign of the 33rd Regiment of Foot on the 27th August 1756; Lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion (afterwards numbered the 72nd and disbanded in 1763) on the 2nd October 1757. Promoted to Captain on the 7th October 1762, and served with this Regiment at Havannah.

Exchanged to the 34th Regiment of Foot on the 12th April 1764, and served with it in Louisiana.

Promoted to Major of the 9th Regiment of Foot on the 11th November 1776, and the following year served with Burgoyne’s Expedition from Canada (and was twice wounded).

On 24th September 1781 was promoted to Lieut.-Colonel of the 102nd Regiment of Foot, a newly-raised Regiment, with which he sailed for the East Indies.

On the 13th June 1782 was given the local rank of Colonel.

On the 12th October 1787 was made Lieut.-Colonel of the 74th Regiment of Foot, which appointment he appears to have vacated in November 1788.

Became Brevet Colonel on the 18th November 1790, and on 18 April 1794 was appointed Colonel of the 105th Regiment of Foot. Promoted to rank of Major General the following October.

Appointed Governor of Cape Nicola Mole, in St. Domingo on the 25th March 1795.

Appointed Colonel of the 81st Regiment of Foot on the 24th January 1797, and on 8th August 1797 was transferred to the Colonelcy of the 29th Regiment of Foot.

Promoted to rank of Lieut.-General on the 1st January 1801, and to General on the 1st January 1812.

Died at Ham, Surrey on the 17th January 1828, and was buried at Petersham.