Roll of Honour - Great War 1914-1920

This section provides details of all those men of the Worcestershire Regiment who gave their lives in the Great War during the period 1914-20.

The personal message seen here on the right was sent by His Gracious Majesty King George V to the next-of-kin of those who gave their lives.

Officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers have been referred to simply by the highest rank held at the time of their death, and no attempt has been made to differentiate between Regular, Special Reserve, Territorial and “New Army” personnel.

The total number of names recorded in this Roll is 9440 including 526 officers. This total includes about 150 who died while serving at home with the Reserve Battalions, and about 200 who died of disease in Macedonia and Iraq, etc. The remainder were all killed in action or mortally wounded while serving with one or other of the Regiments twelve fighting Battalions.

The records also contain the location of their death, for example F. & F. means France & Flanders. Reference to d. of w. means died of wounds, p. of w. means prisoner of war.

Where a Worcestershire officer was serving under attachment with another regiment this in noted by use of 'att.' in the battalion column with full details given at the foot of the page under 'notes'. If known the Worcestershire battalion is given where the officer was serving before attachment.

Where a photo of a grave is available then is available to view by clicking on the surname (hyperlink).

If any soldier has received a decoration/award then this is detailed in the far right column.

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Some of the Worcestershire Regiment War Graves at the Tehran War Cemetery, Iran.
(Photo submitted by Phil Sherwood - an ex officer of the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment)