A Quartermaster at the Front - Diary of Lieut.-Colonel Allen Whitty

Edited with notes by Edwin Astill

Published by Reveille Press 2011

ISBN: 978-1-908336-21-7

Published: 2011


From the previously unpublished War Diary, this book tells the story of Allen Whitty's service through the period of the Great War to the occupation of the Rhineland.

Allen Whitty was born at Martley Hills, Worcestershire in 1867.

He enlisted in 1884 at Norton Barracks, Worcester just before his 17th birthday and joined the Worcestershire Regiment. In 1887, now as a corporal, he joined the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment in India, and was quickly promoted to sergeant. He returned back to England with the 1sr Battalion in 1899 and was granted a commission. He became Quartermaster in the 3rd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment and served with them in Aldershot, Ireland and South Africa.

He was Quartermaster with the 3rd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment when it was mobilised in 1914. His diary describes in detail the retreat, and the difficulties and danger that attended those whose job it was to supply the front line. He served with the battalion in that capacity until 1918, when he became Camp Commandant for X Corps. At the end of the war Whitty served in the Army of Occupation, and the diary gives an insight into the problems that brought for the British Army.

For his services during the Great War, Colonel Whitty was awarded the Distinguished Service Order; and promoted to the ranks of Major and Lieutenant-Colonel for distinguished service in the Field, and on three other occasions he was mentioned in the despatches of the Field Marshal Commanding-in-Chief.

A fascinating insight for anyone interested in the Great War; anyone connected with the Regiment or whose regiment was in the same Brigade.

A Quartermaster at the Front


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