The First Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment in NW Europe 1944-45

by Major D. Y. Watson

Published in 1948

This is the story of the 1st Battalion from 'D' Day until the end of the War in North-West Europe. It re­flects clearly the feelings of those who served at the time and shows in a most interesting manner the magnificent spirit prevailing.

There is no doubt whatever that the Battalion proved itself outstanding both in attack and defence, that it could always be relied upon under all circumstances, that it was an example and an inspiration to all.

Detail for the book is taken from the Battalion war diaries and first hand accounts by the men.

The book also contains full details of all officers who served with the Battalion during the campaign. Medals and awards are also detailed plus a full list containing the Roll of Honour.

In the foreward of the book

Lieut.-General Sir G. Ivor Thomas, K.B.E., C.B., D.S.O., M.C., late Commander of the 43rd Wessex Division said of the Battalion;

"It is a great story, in the finest tradition of British County Regiments. The Battalion never had a failure. If dour, dogged fighting, either in attack or in defence, came our way, if sudden counter-attacks came in from all directions, it always seemed to be the 1st Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment who caught the brunt. Yet, with that Battalion in the thick of it, and on more than one occasion reported as being surrounded, neither I myself nor anyone else ever worried or had the slightest fears as to what the results would be. That is a tribute I am as proud to pay as I was to have the Battalion under command."