Tales of a Disorderly Officer

Tales of a Disorderly Officer By Colonel Peter Hall DSO
Published privately by Louis Scully

Published 2002

This is a story told by an ordinary man who has lived through rather an extraordinary time, under difficult circumstances.

At the age of 20 the author was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant to the 11th Battalion The Worcestershire Regiment stationed on Hereford racecourse in early 1940. In 1943 the 11th Battalion became the 1st Battalion and would be the one that the author served with for the rest of the Second World War.

Landing in Normandy in June 1944, Lieutenant Hall was involved in early action and was wounded for the first time at Mouen. He was evacuated to a Military Hospital in Surrey for treatment before returning back to join his Battalion at Vernonnet, France.

His story then goes on to tell his exploit’s on the march towards Arnhem and the battle at Elst. After Market Garden his Battalion move do Brunssum, Holland and was with the first British troops to enter Germany in battle with the attack on Tripsrath.

Lieutenant Hall quickly rose to the rank of acting Major commanding ‘A’ Company and was involved the Autobahn Attack at Vehlingen.

Finally, he tells his story of the move north through Holland and back into Germany where he was wounded for the second time at the battle for Ahlhorn Crossroads where he won his DSO.

Throughout this period of his life he managed to see the funny side of life and this comes out in his story with some amusing anec­dotes.
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