Timeline of movements (8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment)

1860 Worcestershire Rifle Volunteer Corps formed
1883 2nd Volunteer Battalion formed from the Worcestershire Rifle Volunteer Corps.
1908 (April) 8th Battalion was formed as a Territorial volunteer battalion (1st April 1908).
1914 (August) 8th Battalion (became the 1/8th Battalion) at their annual camp at Minehead, England.
1914 (August) 1/8th Battalion was part of Gloucester and Worcester Brigade, South Midland Division. Moved on mobilisation to Swindon.
1914 (September) 1/8th Battalion moved to Danbury, Essex, England.
1914 (September) 2/8th Battalion formed at Worcester as a home service "second line" unit.
1914 (September) 1/8th Battalion at Maldon, Essex, England.
1915 (January) 2/8th Battalion attached to 2nd Gloucester & Worcester Brigade, 2nd South Midland Division at Northampton.
1915 (January) The 3/8th Battalion was formed.
1915 (March) 1/8th Battalion landed in France, Boulogne (31st March 1915).
1915 (April) 3/8th Battalion formed at Worcester in as Training/Depot. "third line" unit and moved to Weston-super-Mare.
1915 (April) 2/8th Battalion moved to Chelmsford.
1915 (May) 1/8th Battalion joined the 144th Brigade, 48th Division (15th May 1915).
1916 (February) 2/8th Battalion moved to Salisbury Plain.
1916 (April) 3/8th Battalion became 8th (Reserve) Battalion (8th April 1916) at Salisbury Plain.
1916 (May) 2/8th Battalion landed in France (24th May 1916).
1916 (August) 2/8th Battalion became part of the 183rd Brigade, 61st Division.
1916 (September) 8th (Reserve) Battalion (3/8th) was absorbed into the 7th (Reserve) Battalion (1st Sept.)

1917 (November) 1/8th Battalion moved to Italy.
1918 (February) 2/8th Battalion transferred to 182nd Brigade, 61st Division (11th February 1918).
1918 (September) 1/8th Battalion returned to France and transferred to 75th Brigade, 25th Division (17th September 1918).

Lieut.-Col. W. K. Peake