Worcestershire Regiment War Diaries - Glossary of Terms


Abreviation Meaning  
2i/c Second-in-Command  
7 Hamps. 7th Battalion Hampshire Regiment  
A/ Acting  
A/C Air Command  
a/Tk. Anti-Tank  
Adjt. Adjutant  
Arty Artillery  
Bde. Brigade  
B.E.F. British Expeditionary Force  
B.H.Q. Battalion Headquarters  
bldgs buildings  
Boches Germans  
Br. British  
Capt. Captain  
C.C.S. Casualty Clearing Station  
Chinese Party Fire plan activity intended to expose enemy M.G. positions  
Civvies or Civs Civilians  
C.M. Court Martial  
Cnd Canadian  
C.O. Commanding Officer  
Col. Colonel  
Comd Command  
Conc. Concentration (area)  
Coy Company  
Cpl. Corporal  
C.S.M. Company Sergeant Major  
d/d day by day  
D. of W. Duration of Service or Died of Wounds  
D.C.L.I. Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry  
Deproof De-waterproof vehicles  
Div Division  
D.P. Displaced Person  
D.R. Despatch Rider  
D.S.O. Distinguished Service Order  
DUKW Duplex-Drive Amphibious Truck (commonly know as “Duck”)  
E. Yorks R. East Yorkshire Regiment  
Embussed To put troops on vehicle transport  
E.N.S.A. Entertainments National Service Association  
FUP Forming Up Point  
Gp. Group  
H hour Scheduled time for start of an operation or action  
H.E. High Explosive  
H.L.I. Highland Light Infantry  
H.Q. Headquarters  
hrs. hours  
“I” Intelligence  
Inst. Instruction  
I.O. Intelligence Officer  
Kangaroos Turret-less tank used as a troop carrier  
K.I.A. Killed in Action  
K.O’d. Knocked Out  
K.O.S.B. Kings Own Scottish Borderers  
K.R.R. Kings Royal Rifles  
K.R.R.C. Kings Royal Rifles Corps  
L.C.A. Landing Craft Assault  
L of C Lines of Communications  
L.C.I. Landing Craft Infantry  
L. Div. Lowland Division  
Lewis Gun Automatic Machine Gun (American design)  
L.I. Light Infantry  
LK Location (Area)  
L.M.G. Light Machine Gun  
Lt. Lieutenant  
Lt.-Col. Lieutenant-Colonel  
Lt. Inf. Light Infantry  
Mad Minute All artillery, mortars and small arms, fire for 1 minute.  
Maj. Major  
M.C. Military Cross  
M.G. Machine Gun  
M.I.D. or mid Mentioned-in-Despatches  
M.M. Military Medal  
M.M.G. Medium Machine Gun  
M.O. Medical Officer  
M.T. Motor Transport  
M.T.O. Motor Transport Officer  
N.E. North East  
Nebelwerfer German multiple rocket launcher (nickname "Moaning Minnie")  
N.C.O. Non Commissioned Officer (i.e. Sergeant)  
O.C. Officer Commanding  
Offr Officer  
“O” Group Orders Group meeting  
Op Operation  
O.P. (or op) Observation Post  
O.R’s. (or O.Rs.) Other ranks  
pdr pounder (normally used referring to a 6 Pounder or 25 Pounder Gun)  
Petard Explosive device used to break down a gate or wall  
PIAT Projector Infantry Anti-Tank (hand-held anti-tank weapon)  
Pl Platoon  
pls (or Pls) Platoons  
Pnr Pioneer  
P.R.I. President of the Regiment Institute  
P.T.C. Primary Training Centre  
Q.M. Quartermaster  
R Regiment  
“R” or Recce Reconnaissance  
rd Road  
rds rounds (usually refer to mortar rounds)  
R.E. Royal Engineers  
R.V. Rendezvous  
P.O.W. Prisoner of War  
posns positions  
P.W. or P’s.W. Prisoner of War  
R.A. Royal Artillery  
R.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps  
R.A.P. Regimental Aid Post (Medical)  
R.E. Royal Engineers  
Ps. W. Prisoners of War  
Pz Panzer  
“R” Group Reconnaissance Group  
RHU Regiment Holding Unit  
rly junc. Railway Junction  
R.S.F. Royal Scottish Fusiliers  
R.S.M. Regimental Sergeant Major  
S.B.'s Stretcher-Bearers  
Spandau German Machine Gun (MG34 or MG42 machine-gun)  
S.E. South East  
Sjt. Sergeant  
slits Slit Trenches  
S.L. Start-Line (starting position for an attack or advance)  
Som. L.I. Somerset Light Infantry  
S.O.S. Struck Off Strength  
Sp Support (usually refers to Support Company)  
S.P. Self Propelled (gun)  
Stonk or Stonking Military slang for a concentrated artillery bombardment  
S.S. Schutzstaffel (Literally Protection Force or Defence Squad)  
S. Sas. Regt. The South Saskatchewan Regiment  
T/ Temporary  
Tac Tactical  
T.C. Transport Control  
T.C.V. Troop Carrying Vehicles  
TEWT Tactical Exercise Without Troops  
TK Tank or Tanks  
T.O.S. Taken On Strength  
tps (or tp) troops (troop)  
Tpt or tpt Transport  
Typhoons British single-seat fighter aircraft (Hawker Typhoon)  
VE Victory in Europe  
Wilts Wiltshire  
W.O. Warrant Officer (i.e. Regimental Sergeant Major)  
Worc or Worc R. Worcestershire Regiment  
WS War Substantive rank  
X rds Cross Roads