Historical Record of the 36th of Herefordshire Regiment of Foot

History of 36th Foot Regiment By Richard Cannon (Adjutant General's Office, Horse Guards)
Published by Parker, Furnivall and Parker - 30 Charing Cross, London
Printed by George E. Eyre and William Spottiswoode.

Published 1853

Historical Record of the Thirty-Sixth, or the Herefordshire regiment of Foot (135 pages). Containing an account of the formation of the Regiment in 1701, and of its subsequent services up to 1852.

The history was compiled by Richard Cannon, Esq., Adjutant General's Office, Horse Guards. The book also contains an introduction to the general history of the Infantry.

There is a full list showing succession of Colonels of the Regiment with full details of service history.
An Appendix to the book (123 pages) was also published in 1883 by Mitchell & Co., 39 Charing Cross, London. This contained additions and corrections plus a full list of all officers who had served with the Regiment.

In 2003, Golden Valley Publications produced a limited number of 30 copies (facsimile) of both the original book and its appendix in one book with a hardback cover (ISBN 0-9542578-3-9).