Timeline of movements (7th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment)

1914 (August) 1/7th Battalion at Kidderminster, England (part of Gloucester and Worcester Brigade, South Midland Division). Mobilised and moved to Swindon and then on to Maldon in Essex.
1914 (September) 2/7th Battalion formed at Kidderminster as a home service "second line" unit.
1915 (January) 2/7th Battalion attached to 2nd Gloucester and Worcester Brigade, 2nd South Midland Division, at Northampton.
1915 (April) 1/7th Battalion landed in France (Boulogne), landed at midnight on the 31st March.
1915 (April) 2/7th Battalion moved to Chelmsford.
1915 (April) 3/7th Battalion formed at Worcester as a Training/Depot. "third line" unit and moved to Weston-super-Mare (8th April 1916).
1915 (May) 1/7th Battalion became part of 144th Brigade, 48th Division.
1915 (August) 2/7th Battalion became part of 183rd Brigade, 61st Division.
1916 (February) 2/7th Battalion moved to Salisbury Plain.
1916 (April) 3/7th Battalion became 7th (Reserve) Battalion (8th April 1916) at Salisbury Plain.
1916 (May) 2/7th Battalion landed in France (24th May 1916).
1916 (September) 7th Reserve Battalion (3/7th) absorbed the 8th Reserve Battalion (3/8th) on 1st September.
1916 (October) 7th Reserve Battalion (3/7th and 3/8th) moved to Cheltenham.
1917 (March) 7th Reserve Battalion (3/7th and 3/8th) moved to Catterick.
1917 (November) Italy: 1/7th Battalion moved to Northern Italy (arrived 29th November at Pojana).
1918 (February) 2/7th Battalion disbanded in France (6th February 1918).

Colonel E. V. W. Wheeler

1918 (December) 7th Reserve Battalion (3/7th and 3/8th) was disbanded shortly after Armistice.
1919 (March) 1/7th Battalion left Italy for France.
1919 (March) 1/7th Battalion left France for England (31st March 1919).
1919 (April) Kidderminster: 1/7th Battalion was disembodied (2nd April 1919).