Major-General Francis Fuller

Appointed Colonel of the Regiment on 28th August 1739.

Elder son of Edward Fuller, a direct descendant of the Fullers of Uckfield, Sussex, was on 19th July 1711 appointed. Lieut. and Capt. 1st Foot Guards., Captain and Lieut.-Colonel on the 11th June 1715, 2nd Major on the 5th June 1733, 1st Major on the 5th July 1735, Lieut.-Colonel on the 15th December 1738.

Colonel of G. Reade’s late Regiment (29th Foot) on the 28th August 1739. Brigadier-General on the 18th February 1742. Promoted Major-General on the 12th July 1743, and died whilst serving and commanding the 29th Foot Regiment at Louisburg on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia on the 10th June 1748.