The History of the Worcestershire Regiment

Brief History of the Worcestershire Regiment by Captain K. M. Mylne
Published by Littlebury and Co., The Worcester Press

Published 1918

This 32-page booklet was published in 1918 to accompany a lecture given by Captain Mylne to new recruits of the 7th Reserve Battalion.

The booklet starts by providing an introduction to the objectives of the lecture and Worcestershire Soldiers in History. This is followed by an explanation of the 7th Reserve Battalion and the two Territorial Battalions.

The main body of the booklet then goes on to provide a summary of the history of the Worcestershire Regiment from its formation in 1694 as the Farrington Regiment of Foot (later 29th of Foot). A brief description of the first actions at Ramillies where the Regiment won its first battle honours.

The birth of the Second Battalion, which was previously known as the Charlemont's Regiment of Foot.
An interesting section provides details of Corporal Punishment and discipline in the early regiments.

Explanations of the Regimental nicknames and customs cover such items as the Dining with Swords on, Black Drummers, Incident of the "Vein-openers", and the "Glorious First of June".

The campaigns of the Peninsular War ,Roleia, Albuera, Sikh Wars and South Africa War are briefly explained.

The booklet also contains information about the Regimental Colours, Militia, Special Reserve and Territorials. The Regimental Motto and Crest are explained as well as Regimental Customs.

Although the booklet does not provide a full history it did provide new recruits with a understanding of the Regiment they have just joined and in that respect is good introduction to the Worcestershire Regiment.