Lieutenant-General George Read

Appointed Colonel of the Regiment on 3rd June 1733.

Captain in the army on the 16th August 1703.

Promoted Captain-Lieutenant of the 1st Foot Guards on the 13th March 1708; 2nd Major with rank of Lieut.-Colonel of Foot on the 24th November 1729.

On the 3rd June 1733 was appointed Colonel of Lord Albemarle’s late Regiment (29th Foot); Brigadier-General on the 2nd July 1739; and on the 28th August following was transferred to the Colonelcy of W. Hargrave’s late Regiment (9th Foot).

Promoted to rank of Major-General on the 1st January 1743: Lieut.-General on the 3rd August 1747.

On the 1st November 1749 was removed to the Colonelcy of the 9th Dragoons; and died on the 28th March 1756.