General Robert William Disney Leith CB

Appointed Hon. Colonel of the 1st Battalion on 14th September 1884.

General Leith joined the 1st Bombay European Fusiliers as Ensign on the 4th September 1837, and served in the Persian Gulf from 1838 to 1841, and in the Punjaub Campaign 1848-9. Promoted to Lieutenant on the 10th January 1839 and to Captain on the 10th June 1845.

He led the storming party at the capture of Mooltan (Brevet of Major on the 7th June 1849) and was dangerously wounded, losing his left arm, and receiving a ball in the right shoulder (never extracted), besides other serious sabre cuts. Highly complimented both personally and in despatches for his distinguished gallantry, and appointed to the Staff of the Adjutant-General's department.

Promoted to Lieut.-Colonel on the 28th November 1854.

Was Assistant-Adjutant-General (Bombay) of a division during the Indian Mutiny from 9th November 1855 to December 1859.

As Colonel on the 1st January 1862, he was the first officer to command the 106th Regiment of Foot (Bombay Light Infantry), later to become the 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry, on its being transferred to the Imperial Establishment, and remained with it until the 29th May 1866.

Promoted to Major General on the 6th March 1868, to Lieut.-General on the 1st October 1877 and to General on the 1st July 1881.

The 106th Regiment of Foot (Bombay Light Infantry) was united with the 68th (Durham) Regiment of Foot on 1st July 1881 and became the Durham Light Infantry. The 106th then became the 2nd battalion Durham Light Infantry.

General Leith was born on 28th February 1819 son of General Sir Alexander Leith and Maria Disney Thorp (second wife) and was one of six children. He married Mary Charlotte Julia Gordon on the 14th July 1865 and had one child, a boy Alexander Henry Leith (born 27th July 1866).

General Leith died at North Court, Isle of Wight on 20th June 1892 at the aged of 73. His wife Mary died on 21st February 1926.