9th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment - 1914


During September 1914 three new armies were raised as reinforcements. The 13th Division of the "First New Army" included the 9th Worcestershire which was part of the 39th Brigade.

39th Brigade was made up of 4 battalions:
9th Royal Warwickshire
7th Glostershire
9th Worcestershire
7th North Staffordshire

The majority of the original personnel of the 9th Battalions were raised in the County of Worcestershire, though many enlisted in Birmingham. Many of the great names of former days reappeared in the Regiment. The new 9th Battalion was, it is true, first commanded by a serving Regular officer, Lieut.-Colonel W. E. Sykes (with Capt. J. V. Godfray as Adjutant). Lieut.-Colonel Sykes had been a substantive Major attached to the 5th Battalion on the outbreak of war, and was given temporary rank of Lieut.-Colonel on appointment to command the 9th Battalion; but after the sad death of Colonel Sykes the command passed in January 1915 to the veteran Lieut.-Colonel M. H. Nunn (Born in 1864, Colonel Nunn had been commissioned to the Regiment in 1886 and had retired in 1906 with the rank of Major. He was to prove a splendid Commanding Officer, untiring in care for his men, up till his gallant death in Gallipoli).


Lieut.-Colonel M. H. Nunn