Timeline of movements (9th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment)

1914 (September) 9th Battalion formed (39th Brigade, 13th Division)
1915 (May) Blackdown on Salisbury Plain, England
1915 (July) Valetta, Malta
1915 (July) Alexandria, Egypt
1915 (July) Mudros, Lemnos (small Greek Island)
1915 (July) Gallipoli
1916 (January) Egypt
1916 (December) Mesopotamia
1917 (January) Hai Salient, Mesopotamia
1917 (March) Baghdad, Mesopotamia
1918 Baku
1918 Turkey
1918 (November) Enzeli
1919 (December) The 9th battalion was disbanded on the 19th December 1991.


Lieut.-Colonel M. H. Nunn

1939 (August) 9th Battalion was reformed

1940 (January) Kidderminster, England

1940 (June) Winchombe, near Cheltenham, England

1940 (June) Coleraine (Northern Ireland) - 182nd (Birmingham) Infantry Brigade in the 61st Division

1940 (July) Strabane (Northern Ireland)

1941 (June) Londonderry (Northern Ireland)

1941 (November) Cookstown (Northern Ireland)

1942 (January) Tynan (Northern Ireland)

1942 (May) Ballycastle (Northern Ireland)

1943 (February) Clacton-on-Sea (England) - exercise "Spartan"

1943 (March) Hertford (England)

1943 (May) Orders received on the 3rd April 1943 to mobilize. Mobilization to be completed by 10th May 1943.

1943 (October) St. Margaret's Bay (England) - Anti-invasion role

1944 (June) Folkestone and Shorncliffe (England)

1944 (October) Sandringham (England) - on guard duties

1945 (May) Hothfield Camp near Ashford (England)

1945 (November) 61st Division was disbanded and Battalion then came under command of the East Kent District (Internal Security Duties)

1945 (December) 9th Battalion was put in suspended animation on the 31st December 1945.